Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mar 31 - Travel

Saturday Mar 31

Ahhh the airport...I am writing this blog from the Orlando Airport Terminal, I have about an hour until my flight leaves. Note to self, hang out in the Continental Gate, the internet is free. I don't know if it is at everywhere, but I hope that I have it in Houston, which is where my lay-over is, because I would like to follow the race out in Cali via the net.

I am excited to head to San Diego for a few reasons. First, I have never been there. It is the 'other' triathlon mecca, the other being Boulder. I don't think that I will get a chance to see much when I am there, but I am anxious to go either way.

Secondly, I am looking forward to team camp. Once a season, the entire Timex Team has a camp somewhere around the country. This year the camp is at the awesome palisades Resort in S.D. We get a chance to get to know everyone on the team, a chance to met representatives from all of our sponsors for the year, as well as time to just relax.

Having "a team" is really something that I wanted the season. Most of the time I go to races alone and have to find ways to kill the time. There is also the stress of getting your bike ready to race, as well as making sure everything is ready to go. Now, I have the Timex Team Truck and the entire support crew that comes with it; mechanic, team manager, other reps, etc...not to mention the other athletes. I do relax most of race week, but the area acts as a central support station where I can spend some time and is also a place where I will know others.

Before I board, I also want to send a huge Thank You to Graham and Stacy. They are the couple that I have stayed with for the past two winters, here in Clermont. They open up their house to me as though it was my own...I was joking with Stacy this morning(she drove me after getting almost no sleep lastnight) that I feel like one of the family. They are some of the most giving and hospitable people that I have met and I will prepay them down the road for all that they have done.

If you are reading guys, the first way will be a trip to the new sushi bar and Benchwarmers, when I get back. I will be buying the saki and beer, despite winning the NCAA Bracket that we decided to do as a part of the yacht Club Tourney. :)

Alright, I will check in once I get settled out west. See you all soon!


Friday, March 30, 2007

Mar 29 & 30 Here we go...

Friday Mar 30

Well, looking back on my 2004 log (which is partly what I am using for this build), I saw that this weekend's key session is the one where I should see higher numbers...well, I did!

Here they are for your enjoyment:

The day started out with a 4250y swim in 1:02. 2500 mod. straight to start. Then 5x200p mod-hard on 2:40(all were 2:25-30). Then 5x100 build by 25 to all hard by the end. Then I finished with 250k mod-hard.

Straight onto the bike. 15min easy, then the following set:

60min 230 target: 235w - HR 138
10min easy
45min 240 target: 240w - HR 143
10min easy
30min 260 target: 261w - HR 151
10min easy
15min 315 target: 318w - HR 172 - Highest I have seen in a while. (Cherry lake Road)

Finished steady, total ride of 3:31 and 121 km.

Run off the bike of 5km, avg 6:52 pace with HR of 140-45.

Massage at 3 and then packing for the rest of the day. I fly out tomorrow morning for the Timex Team Camp and will then spend the last 10 days in Tempe putting in my final preparations on the Arizona Course.


Friday Mar 29

Swim 1:05 total and about 3500 total swimming. 2500 in the morning on easy swimming and drilling in the pool with Nina Kraft and Martn. More talking than swimming. Very nice people.

Then an afternoon easy lake swim with the Zilla as he prepares for Xterra Miami this weekend. Good luck to him. Crush it buddie.

Also, 'The Predator" JD is racing in Texas, Natasha is racing at Cali. 70.3 and Lisa in OZ. Good luck to all this weekend. I look forward to hearing about the races.

Afternoon ride of 90min and 40km easy flat spin. Legs felt good.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mar 28

Wednesday Mar 28

Today I had another good day...that almost wasn't. The swim was the highlight, so I will start there. I was SOOOO tired this afternoon, even after a 90min nap, that I almost didn't make it to the pool. Well, I finally made it there at about 4:30. Here was the swim, maybe the best times that I have seen thus far in this build. Funny how things work sometimes.

Warm-up: 600 mixed, 600 d/s


800p strong on 11:00 (9:48)
100 easy
4x400 swim hard on 5:30 (4:48,4:49)
100 easy
2x200 pull strong on 3:00 (2:14, 2:16)
100 easy
4x100 swim on 1:15 (1:09,1:11,1:10,1:12)

CD to 4k.

Morning was a good also. Last long run of the build. 1:45 total time and 24km. Here was the outline...all on the treamill. HR's were really high for me today...dehydration, tired...not sure. It was hot on the treadmill, no fans in there.

25min wu build to IM pace.

Then 5x through:
10min at IM 6:53 pace (150, 153, 153, 157, 156)
2min at HIM 6:00 pace (166, 167, 168, 168, 171)
3min recovery at 8:30 (139, 132, 144, 142, 147)

5min very easy cd.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mar 27

Tuesday Mar 27

Good day today.

Swim first at Lake Louisa with Natasha. 50min total time, about 3000 yds. 10min wu, then 8x100 strokes(about 150 m) hard with swim back recovery. Cooldown gator sightings.

Directly onto the bike. 30min wu into

2 x 10:00 at IM effort with 5:00 recovery

2 x 5:00 at HIM effort with 2:30 recovery

4 x 2:30 at 40k effort wtih 1:30 recovery

Here is the data:

10:00 intervals : (#1 237w, #2 249w)

5:00 intervals : (#1 278w, #2 277w)

2:30 intervals : (#1 289w, #2 299w, #3 295w, #4 295w)

The data is not all that consistent because of the rolling hills and turns in the park. Had to do a few U-turns, etc. Happy about the ability to raise my HR.

Total ride was 1:40 and 51 km

Run off the bike of 6km and 22min. 800 hard off the bike HARD, then easy for 400, then IM pace to 5km. Ran well today on the roads. Exactly 6:52 per mile pace.

Massage with MONA.....finally she is back! In Clermont I have Mona, in Boulder I have Nikki and in Madison, I have Cindi. Thanks to all of you.


Time is really flying and I can't believe that my time is almost done here in Clermont. Graham and Stacy have been AWESOME and are truly very good people and some of the most generous people that I have met. Thanks guys!!!

Here is what I have planned for the next few weeks.

Long run tomorrow 1.75hrs
Easy day Thursday
Long ride Friday...3.5hrs

OFF - Sat to travel to Timex camp in San Diego
Sunday - Aerobic Maintanence day fairly easy

The next week I travel to Tempe to get my last few sessions on the course. I have 4 days with intensity on the bike/run...the other days are VERY low key.

You can follow the race on April 15th via I will post my bib number, etc as it gets closer.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Mar 25 & 26

Monday Mar 26

Early run of 40min and 8 km easy steady on the path around Lake Minneola. Felt good.

Swim with Natasha at the NTC 1:21 and 4800 yds.

1k wu mixed with a few drills
8x50 on 2 patterns of 4. 3,6,12,all hard with cruise 25 for recovery

3x (400pull mod-hard on 5:30, 4x150 HARD on 2:30)

#1 400(5:04), 150's (1:51,1:49,1:49,1:48)
#2 400(4:58), 150's (1:50, 1:48, 1:47, 1:45)
#3 400(500), 150's (1:50, 1:46, 1:44, 1:44)

Easy cd. Very happy with the 150's hard, but comfortable swimming in that zone.

Afternoon ride that was HOT and WINDY. Very exciting route today (Very sarcastic). 561 to 33 to Green Pond Rd to Van Fleet and Back Bay Lake, Lake Erie). Ride was 2:48 and 88km. All easy/steady.


Sunday Mar 25 (3 weeks out)

Very tired and hungry today. Managed 2000 LCM (2200 yds). Too shelled even to do a longer float swim. 45min total.

Long nap in the afternoon and lots of water helped. Calf is tight, so recovery day is welcomed.

3 weeks to go from today. 2 more runs of 90min + and 2 rides of 3-4 hours left. A few days with faster stuff mixed in, before a big rest before the race.

Hope all else is going well for everyone. I checked the weather the other night and it was 73* in Madison and 72* here in Clermont....freaky for March.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mar 23 & 24

Saturday Mar 24 - Last Race Sim

Morning swim of 3.8km LCM in 57min (4250 yds)

500 EZ mixed in wetsuit.

2500 Timed in wetsuit(HOOOOOT)
1500 in 19:54
2000 in 26:27
2500 in 33:01

8x100 pull with pads on 1:30 (1:24-6)

Simulated race transition and out to ride. Total ride was 4:38 and 153 km

40min EZ to steady
40min build to IM effort
40min @ 250 target (HR 143)
15min EZ
45min as 3x(12IM/3HIM) target was 240/270
15min EZ
40min @ 250 target
10min EZ
build to HIM watts home

Right onto the treadmill with cal bottle, coke and water.

Run was 10k as 5x1mile with 15s recovery to get in cals.

#1 - 7:21 - HR 126 EZ
#2 - 6:48 - HR 136 Build to pace
#3 - 6:39 - HR 139 Pace
#4 - 6:39 - HR 143 Pace
#5 - 6:39 - HR 145 Pace

Good stretch after and some stength stuff later in the evening. about 7hrs total for the day.


Friday Mar 23

Open water swim in the am 1:05 and 4500 yds mix of easy building to hard.
(5000 total for day)

Set was 10strokes hard, 10 EZ, 20h/200ez, 40h/40ez, 80h/80ez, 160h and back down. Used the perminent poles and border the swimming area.

Noon ride of 2:18 and 64 km easy with a good bit of steady in the hills.

Afternoon 30min water run and 500 of EZ swimming.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mar 21 & 22

Thursday Mar 22 - Back at the track

Today was a good day. I got back on the track...first time in 2 weeks and I have confirmed a few things. I lost nothing and my taper is starting to build.

Rode over to the track on the bike, 45min and 20km wu, then warmed up for 3.6k building to AT and then LT over the last 200. Did 400 broken 50 strides, 50 walk, 4 times through.

This workout is great for IM athletes. The 600's help teach you to hold back and patience. The effort required to run a 600 at AT after running an 800 at LT is very little. Much the same as the first part of the marathon, it is VERY easy to go to hard.

I checked HR, but wanted to go by feel...good for race day. It was hot at the track, 80* and sun, so you can see the HR drift. But I was really stoked to see what without seeing splits as I went, the times were within a second or two of each other with one or two exceptions. Here is the data

Then 4 x 2400 as outlined

600 @ AT
100 EZ
800 @ LT
200 EZ
600 @ AT
100 EZ


600 - 2:31 - HR 147
100 ez :38
800 - 2:51 - HR 169
200 ez 1:07
600 - 2:26 - HR 152
100 ez :36


600 - 2:35 - HR 148
100 ez :36
800 - 2:50 - HR 170
200 ez 1:06
600 - 2:32 - HR 152
100 ez :36


600 - 2:35 - 152
100 ez :36
800 - 2:51 - 173
200 ez 1:07
600 - 2:33 - 154
100 ez - :35


600 - 2:36 - 153
100 ez :35
800 - 2:51 - 174
200 ez - 1:04 (maybe a bit hard here)
600 - 2:29 - 159 (also, maybe a bit fast...the track was packed)
100 ez :36

Afternoon tanning session...I mean swim. 3300 yds 1:00

500 swim mixed strokes,
500p with band

Then 60x25 on :30 3hard/1ez...every 3rd set of 4 with pads. Swam about 1-2s per 100 faster than during the month of feb...Great sign.

Longer cool-down after. Solid day scheduled tomorrow!


Wednesday Mar 21

Morning swim of 1:40 and 6000 yds. Solid day, 4800 mainset.

1k wu as 400s, 4x50 d/s, 100k, 6x50 build on 1min.


800p mod on 11min (10:05)
8x100 hard on 1:20
600p mod on 8:15 (7:27)
6x100 hard on 1:20
400p with band on 5:30 (5:19)
4x100 hard on 1:20
200 band only on 3:00 ( 2:45)
2x100 hard on 1:20
100 band on however long it took me to take band off, :)
100 hard, 1:08

EZ cd.

I need to work on my band swimming :) 30min water run after.

Afternoon ride, Bay Lake through Groveland, 2:07, 64 km. Rode 45 ez, 60 steady, then ez home. A lot more comfortable on the bike.

Ankle is a bit tight today, actually more of the arch in my foot. No pain though.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mar 19 & 20

Tuesday Mar 20

Well, after my ART apt yesterday, I decided to head out for my first 'long' run since I pinched the nerve in my ankle. I had sushi lastnight with Natasha, Graham, Stacy, Gavin and Kimberly...and I thought it would be the perfect pre-long run food. Actually turned out to be awesome! Maybe a regular thing????? We'll see.

Anyway, the plan was 30km out at the clay trail. 15min warm-up, 1:45 at IM effort and then 15min cd.

The run went great. I lifted my arch up in my shoe and am running with more of a forefoot strike...this takes a lot of pressure off of both my ankles and my quads. My calfs did pay the price a little bit in the last 20min. Not terrible tho.

I now feel that I have the confidence back for my run to be ok on race day. I will shut it down now, with a few key runs here and there before race day.

Today's sessions:

Run 2:15 30km
Swim 20min 800 yds, mostly kick to get the junk out.

Erin Kummer, an athlete also racing on Timex is in town for a few nights. I met her in Boulder last year while training over the summer. She is excited to be soaking up some of the nice FL weather! Maybe everyone will start flocking to Clermont to train???????


Monday Mar 19 - Recovery day.

Swim in the am LCM with Natasha. 100 warm, followed by 2x(6x50 band only, 500 pull, 200 choice)...Natasha did 3 rounds(animal), b/c of band swimming yesterday, I was done after 2. 3000m(3300yds) in 1:10 today, 30min water run after.

Early afternoon ride of 1:20 and 42km before heading for my ART apt. Great again! Thanks Dr. McKeon.

Currently there are no ART certified chiro's in Clermont, but Dr. McKeon is thinking of making regular trip up if there is interest from athletes. He is very good, prices are reasonable(even for us athletes) and he is a good person. Check him out via or drop me a line and I can pass along his info.

Ok, that is all for today.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Mar 18 - It's all coming together

Today it really seems like it is all coming together...I think that by focusing on staying healthy and getting strong in the next few weeks, I should be ready to roll.

I am getting close to my race weight, was 156 this morning, with my goal at the beginning of my build being 155. I started out at 172 after the holiday season and was 165 when I arrived down here in Clermont. I have made sure that my power numbers have not fallen at all, infact they have gotten better. Meaning my power to weight have gone up a bit.

I will continue to eat healthy, keep my glycogen stores up and see where I go in the next few weeks.

Had a big day today:

Swam with Natasha this a.m. and set a few PR's. Total swim was 1:15 & 4600 LCM (5100 yds)

Started out with a warm-up of 200, 2x100 and 2x50 descending effort in wetsuit.

Then 2000m Timed. PR'd here by a bunch, here are the splits:

Went through 1km in 13:11, then through 1500m in 19:41, 1.9km in 25:01 and 2km in 26:20. Average was 1:19 per 100m.

Pool was really warm-up felt great throughout, after swimming 25-28k for the last 8 weeks, I really think there is a benefit over swimming 20k per week.

After the 2k, swam 100 easy, then 10x200 steady pull with band/bouy and big pads on 3:30. Held 1:25-8.

Hopped directly on my bike for a toughy in the wind and cold. about 50* when I started with a north wind blowing at 20mph.

Ride was 4:32:56 and 162km. Set today was 10min easy and then 6x30min at a HR that gave me 255-60w(145ish) on 15min easy between. Kept it rolling pretty well even on the easy, HR at about 130.

The new bike was great today. There is no comparison between the TTX and Lucero. The TTX is soo stiff and it absorbs everything. I no longer cringe when rolling over the rough patches.

Off the bike I was going to run 20km if the foot felt good. Well it did, but I ran out of water and was running out at the clay trail...not good :) So I shut it down at 15km. I ran 1mi easy and then held about 3hr marathon pace/effort/HR for 8 miles. easy cd. Total run was 15km and 1:09:xx. Ankle was good, muscles good.

Solid week with 30km of swimming, well over 500 km of riding and the run is back. Feeling good, except for the fact that Wisconsin LOST DAMMIT!

Mar 16 &17 - Freshening

Saturday Mar 17

Quick recap of the last few days:

Swim 12x400 on 6:00 SCY on the pattern of swim, pull with pads, then add the band :) 200 cd.

Ride of 1:45 and 51km easy steady in new position on TTX. Feel pretty good. The bike is so much more stiff!!

Weights for 60min. 2 x 20 @ 135 , then ad-ab ductors, calf raises, good core, push-ups and long stretch on the cage.

The active release ( ) really seems to have helped. Friend, Kevin Purcell ( ) recommended that I find a chiro that had the certification. I did and he is great. His site is Thanks Doc, see you monday!


Friday Mar 16

Swim of 1:00 and 3600 yds, 5x200 on 2:55, 4x200 on 2:50, 3x200 on 2:45, 2x200 on 2:40, 200 fast. Then 500 pull and 100 easy.

Ran on pavement after ART appt. for 56min and 12km. Felt great! Hopefully it will continue.

Evening ride on new bike. 1:29 and 44 km. easy/steady.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mar 15

"The New Rig"

Thursday Mar 15

Today was basically a total recovery day. I spent most of it getting my new ride ready to roll. Hopefully I can ride it as fast as it looks!!

Today was a mixed 2500 yds swim in 50min and 30min of strength work.


On another note, I am really starting to like Clermont as a place to train. The pool is AWESOME, the riding is great and the running about the same... it does get pretty hot some days and there are a lot of trucks on the roads, but you have stuff to deal with wherever you go, right???

Anyway, the other upside of training here is getting to know athletes from all over. I thought I would drop a few names. This year seems to be the year of the women so far. Lisa Bentley, Dede Greisbauer, Katja Schumacher and Natasha Filliol. A little over 2 weeks until I head out west for the Timex Team Camp. I will be back for Florida 70.3 though. ;)

Hope everyone is doing well.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mar 14 Last Big Day & a new ride!

Wednesday Mar 14

Last Big Day before IMAZ today. Solid all around and the best part....the foot felt strong!

The swim was 4k straight to start. 500 build to pace and then mod-hard effort effort with a head-out 25 every 400. I picked the pace up over the last 500 and finished in just under 53min. I then put on the paddles and pulled 4x200 mod-hard to finish. The 200's were 2:32, 2:31, 2:32, 2:29. Then 200 cd. Total swim was 1:10 and 5000 yds.

Ride was 6:09 and just under 200km. The mainset was 3x40km and the rest as I felt. The first 40k was at IM watts, the second was actually 42km and was 6x(5km in 53-11 moderate effort, 2km recovery), last 40km was IM watts again.

Run off the bike very easy...picked it up as I started to feel stronger(even the ankle) toward the end. 25min and 5km.

Good day to end with build phase with. 7:45 total aerobic...we'll see if I can motivate myself for 30min of strength stuff tonight. Maybe save it for tomorrow ;)

Anyway, if the foot continues to get stronger, I will race on Saturday or Sunday...there are two races in the area.


Other news. I got my new Trek TTX 9.5 today. Timex sent it built up and ready to fly. Seriously fly, the thing looks really fast! Tomorrow I will take almost completely off and then another very easy day on Friday.

More to come soon......


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mar 13

Tuesday Mar 13

Good day today, I have to head to bed for an earlier start tomorrow. SO here is a quick recap.

Swim 1:10 and 3600 yds. Mixed 1500 warm-up with some drilling and builds. Then 60x25 on :30 3hard/1easy, half with big paddles. (held :13-:14 for most of them.)...easy cd after that.

Run: 30min aqua jog after the swim. Had a good talk with Dede Griesbauer. She is a very nice person and hope that she does well this year...I don't think she needs luck tho. She is an animal in the water.

Afternoon vo2 ride of 2:27 and 65 km in the hills. 75min warm-up steady into 8x1:30 at best avg power up sugar loaf to fist set of telephone lines. Did the repeats on 90s recovery. Pleased with the data, but I think that I can hit 500w just 1x this year....maybe a goal for later this summer.

I had a lot of questions on what do AP, NP and HR mean, so I thought I would clarify

AP is Actual Power Output
NP is Normal Power Output
HR is Heatrate

#1 Avg HR 160, Max HR 176, AP 412, NP 429
#2 Avg HR 161, Max HR 180, AP 434, NP 455
#3 Avg HR 162, Max HR 182, AP 430, NP 446
#4 Avg HR 166, Max HR 182, AP 450, NP 464 *** Personal Best
#5 Avg HR 163, Max HR 180, AP 416, NP 430
#6 Avg HR 167, Max HR 182, AP 421, NP 430
#7 Avg HR 165, Max HR 181, AP 416, NP 430
#8 Avg HR 171, Max HR 185, AP 441, NP 451

I think that numbers could be more consistent, but I was playing around with cadence and gearing. The hill also has a little leveling from the steeeeeeep grade. I would like a longer 'wall-like' hill if I go for 500w.

Ok, all for now. Pretty hot right now. Sunny and middle-upper 80's.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mar 11 & 12 Up and Running (hopefully)

Monday Mar 12

Sometimes it seems like one thing after another doesn't go according to plan and needs fixing or taking care of. Well...I guess that is life and I feel I have a pretty good one, so I won't complain. I do believe that something good can come out of almost everything, or at least everything has a silver lining and happens for a I will try to write about the good that will hopefully come out of things going on down here.

Ok, my ankle is still causing a little annoyance, but is getting better. I saw the podiatrist today and the conclusion was that I 'pinched' the nerve that runs into the foot along the posterior tibial tendon. I have to continue icing, elevating and running as my body allows. The doc said that things should be better within 2 weeks(I am already 1 week into it) I'll cross my fingers. In the mean time I have had some great chats with other athletes and gotten to know a few a little bit better. Triathlon, even at the higher levels, seems to really attract 'good' people.

On Saturday, before heading out for my ride, I found a crack in my bike frame. It is on the seatpost clamp...after finding it, I hoped that it would hold until I could figure out what to do. I emailed my team manager, Ben Harper, over at Timex and he said that he could have my new bike here on Wednesday. What a great sponsor! So, as of this Wed. I will be on my new TTX 9.5...very excited for that and so far my bike is holding out.

Ok, this one might be a little harder to find some good in...but I'll try. Tonight I was eating a salad(not a surprise to those that know me best, for others, I eat one almost every_single_night) Anyway, I have green olives on my salad that were suppose to have been pitted. Well, there was a partial pit left in one of the olives and I bit straight into it. I split my porcelain veneer straight in half and then it fell out. Now I look like I got clocked in the face...oh well, makes a good story anyway. I'll hopefully be able to get it replaced in the next week or two.

This post is getting long enough and I am still only on the Monday. Here was today's training.

Swim of 1:21 and 5200 yds. Mainset target was to swim at 1:15 pace or slightly under. The set was 4x400 on 5:30(spot on 5:00), 4x200 on 2:45(again at 2:30), 4x100 on 1:20(1:14-15) and then 4x50 on 40...35-36. Followed the set with 1000 straight pull with pads steady. Good day. Finally connected with Natasha Filliol who is a new teamate of mine on Timex, from Canada. Very nice lady, check out

Had the doc. appt, then 75min run in the pool with Lisa B. and Kinberly Grogan. Kim and her husband Kevin(aka - Zilla) are also on the team and live here in Clermont. They run the Gear for Multisport store at the training center( Very 'good' people.

Evening run of 35 min out at the clay trail. Ankle felt ok...hopefully it wasn't numbed from the Alieve I took earlier in the day. I have a moderate day tomorrow and big day on Wed. If the ankle con't to get better, I will race this weekend in Tampa.


Sunday Mar 11

Today I watched the Escape From Florida Triathlon that I was going to race in before my ankle acted up. Quite a studly field turned up. Would have been fun, but it was also good to cheer everyone else on throughout the morning.

Today I rode 4:16 and 133km all steady and through rolling terrain. Really hungry throughout the ride....I am thinking it had to do with watching the race and then riding from the race site.

Evening run out at the clay trail. Had to try running today, really felt it would be ok and it was. No real pain at all, just a little tightness here and there. Hopefully I will con't to see improvement over the next weeks.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mar 9 & 10 Training with the Bobcats

Saturday Mar 10

Before I write about my training, I figured that I would talk about something else that might be of interest. My good friend Cindi Bannick( told me that I need to write about some of the wildlife that I see out while training...especially after my ride earlier this last week.

I was out on a longer ride this last Thursday and riding on the Van Fleet Trail. We always joke about disappearing out there, because you are riding through the swamps of Central Florida...there is nothing out there. Anyway,It was about an hour before sunset and I remember thinking to myself, "this would be the time to see an alligator."

After a few more km's had passed, I looked ahead and saw something that looked like a dog on trail. As I got closer I saw that it was about the size of a medium sized dog, but looked like a brown cat with a short pointy tail. When I got within about 100 yds I yelled at it. It turned and then took two bounds into the swamp.

When I got back home I talked to Cindi, who has a wildlife background. She searched a bit and sent me a link to what she thought it was. A bobcat!! No way, I checked out the picks and they matched up almost exactly. I guess they are fairly rare to see...that is what you get when you spend so many hours out on your bike! Last year in Boulder it was a mountain lion, this year it is a bobcat in Clermont!


Ok, the training:

Pool was in Long Course Meters for the first time this year today. The shoulders will be tired tomorrow. :) Moderate set today, after two days of hard swimming. Total swim was 1:45, 5600m(6200 yds)...800s, 8x100 drill/swim on 2min, 800 pull(half with paddles), 500s, 5x100 drill swim on 2min, 500 pull with paddles, 400s, 4x100 build, 400 pull with pads, 300s, 3x100 hard, 300 pull with pads, 200s, 200k, 100 swim.

60min water run followed.....3hours total in the pool is a looong time. Can't complain tho, 80* and sun at the outdoor pool. :)

Afternoon ride of 2:27, 75km steady ride rolling Cherry Lake, Bay Lake and back.

Great massage coming later tonight!!!!!!


Friday Mar 9

Morning swim with Lisa Bentley and Kimberly Grogan. Total was 4300 yds in 1:25. 600 wu, 8x50 build on 55sec. Then 8x200 HARD on 3:30(lots of rest), 2:24, 2:23, 2:21, 2:21, 2:19, 2:18, 2:19, 2:17...descended nicely(Hr pretty high), then 5x100 with paddles building by 25's on 1:30, + long cooldown.

Water run on 60min with Lisa.

Afternoon included a good weight session on 60min. Squats were 3 sets: 20-135, 2x16-155. Add(ab) ductor work, calf raises, flys, push-ups, good core stuff and that is it. Ankle felt good.

Afternoon ride cut a little short, the hard efforts in the water took a little bit out of me (Erin, this is me relating to your hill repeats that put you over the edge:) Total ride was 1:31 and 41 km in the hills-Grassy Lake back through Montverde). Wayyy to many trucks on this road!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mar 8

Thursday Mar 8

Today was a solid one all around. I slept 10+ hours lastnight and was still tired this morning. As a result I got a bit of a late start.

Swam first this morning, 1:20 and 4900 yards with a tough mainset in the HOT pool.

12x100 on 1:40 building by 4's to sub 1:10 pace.
4x400 on 5:30 (4:58,4:56,4:53,4:55)
3x300 on 4:30 (3:40,3:39,3:37)

Then 30min water run with Lisa Bentley. She is giving me some good advice on water run training. She is a huge advocate of it. I am going to exclusively water run for at least a week.

Had a great afternoon long ride. 168km in 4:47. The mainset of the ride after a 1hour build to IM watts was 6x25min alternating 250-60w target with 230-40w target. The set was done on 5min rest.

Here is the data:

60min build to IM effort, then 6x25 on 5min rest below:

#1 38.9 kph / Avg HR 146 / NP 255
#2 36.8 kph / Avg HR 133 / NP 232
#3 38.6 kph / Avg HR 144 / NP 259
#4 36.8 kph / Avg HR 136 / NP 235
#5 38.7 kph / Avg HR 146 / NP 251
#6 35.4 kph/ Avg HR 144 / NP 230 - Totally bonked out...check out how the HR spiked up.

Rehydrated and rode steady for the last 30min before a 15min cd.

I am REALLY tired tonight, hopefully a good sleep and then an easier to moderate day tomorrow. The Escape Race on Sunday is still up in the air. I will keep you posted.

On another note, it was brought to my attention that when I get tired my grammar suffers big, I apologize now for all of the blogs in the past and the ones to come in future with terrible grammar. Then again, it is just a blog and hopefully no one is judging me on my writing :)

Ok, that's it for now. My Name Is Earl is on in a few...gotta run!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mar 6 & 7 with Spenco Cycling Gloves

Wenesday Mar 7

Today was a looong day and I need to head to bed, but I am now back in Orlando after a whirlwind was 24 hrs. After returning to Clermont, I headed out for an easy ride of 2:01 and 61 km. I rode my usual Bay Lake loop with several steady sections. It is amazing how fresh that one feels with rest.

After the ride I had to see what it was like to run on the ankle. I headed out for a 2 mile run off the bike and it actually went well. Nothing was irritated while running on the grass(soft surface) and just a slight discomfort on the pavement. Lets how it continues to get better :)

Anyway, the weather is great and it looks like it will stay that way right through the weekend. More to come tomorrow!


Tuesday Mar 6

Today I am in Kansas City, KS promoting some product for Spenco Ironman Products. They have a new cycling glove out this year that is SPECIFICALLY designed for triathletes and it works great. The entire back of the glove opens to FAST entry and exit through transition.

The glove also has 3 thick gel pads that are designed to keep your blood flowing through long hours on the bike. Seriously though, no bullshit, I used the gloves before becoming involved with Timex and Spenco. The last the longest out of any glove on the market. go check 'em out.

The is off from training, besides about 30min of core work, to hopefully heal up my ankle. The weather is great here this afternoon, 71*. The landscape really reminds me of Wisconsin.

I spoke to a group from the Kasas City Triathlon Club before one of their spinning classes. I demo'd some product, gave away some freebees and then talked at the class, as well as over a few beers at dinner. Chris Hess and his wife, Kerry, helped organize everything and it was great, I have a feeling that I made quite a few friends in KC and if I ever get the opportunity to speak again, I will be there in a second.

Ok, later gators...have a good night!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mar 4 & 5 - LIttle scare

Monday Mar 5

Well, today I got a little scare. I had a long run today that was a little over 20 miles/32km.

The format was 2miles wu, then 18miles averaging 3hr marathon pace(6:52). I got out and new right away that I would have no problem hitting the times. I went through 2 miles in about 15min and then pinned it at 6:50 pace and just cruised. I went through the 18 mile mark and felt great...just what I am looking for 6 weeks out.

Then, about a half a mile later I developed a sharp pain in my right dulled a bit, but continued to bother me. I did not have to stop and con't at pace through 20 miles, but I feared that it was a stress fracture. So, last night I headed in to the PT and got it checked out. The thought is that it is just a strained tendon, so I have two days of rest while I promote the new Spenco Ironman Gloves in Kansas City. This morning, the ankle is already feeling a lot better and I hope it continues.

Here is a quick summary of the day, as well as the past 7:

Today was 2:19 and 33 km of running. Followed by a 60min 3000 yds swim with a mainset of 60x25 3h/1e all with pads. Evening spin of 45min and 20km to help flush the legs out. A lot of ice, deep tissues massage and PT stuff.

The last 7 days have been good. A good combination of volume and intensity. Here is a sumnary of Feb 27 - Mar 5

Total Hours: 31:03

Total Swim: 8:14, 27,650 yds
Total Bike: 15:14, 484 km
Total Run: 6:20, 87 km
Weights: 1:15


Sunday Mar 4

Today was a recovery day with 3000 yds of easy swimming in an hour. That is it for the day. Good strength work and stretching in the evening. Actually felt good today. Yesterday didn't seem to take too much out of me and I was antsy to do more, but that is part of the deal with my final build and peak, I should feel like I want to do more.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mar 3

Saturday Mar 3 (6 weeks out) - Big Day

The idea of today was to go longer and slightly harder than IM effort. One of my biggest fears when racing Ironman was riding too hard on the bike. A goal of mine before I started this build was to get past this. After today, I feel like I am. By training to go longer and harder than race effort, I don't have to worry about being 'forced' to ride a bit harder than I like at times when racing. I know that I can handle it and get right back in the zone.

Swam this morning. 1:20 and 5100 yds total. Started off with a 4500 straight swim mixing up efforts that ranged from easy to hard. The last 600 was a mix of some harder stuff with a cd at the end. 55* and windy/couldy at the pool.

On the bike about 30min after completing my swim. I decided to cut down the easy riding throughout this ride, as well as the top end stuff. I wanted to simulate the IMAZ course as much as possible. 3 loops, each one goes gradually up and down. Here was the structure of the ride:

30min build to steady
3x through:
(50 min IM watts
10 min easy
25 min HIM watts
5 min easy)
Then 45min of IM-HIM+ riding.

Total ride today was 5:43 and 194 km...good day!

BTW - Picture this...riding on a flat trail(Van Fleet), it is 50*, with a headwind, in monsoon like rains...after riding for 4hrs...SIMPLY_AWESOME!

Because I was mucho frio, I cut my t-run down to 5k in about 25min. Didn't feel too bad.

30min of core work later in the evening. Total time for the day was just over 8 hours. Time for a bit of recovery.


On another note, I don't wish a scratched cornia on anyone. It sounds absolutely terrible. Can't sleep, can't be around light and there is nothing the doc's can do. Talk about a million dollar idea, invent a cure!! Hope you feel better EMK :)

Mar 2

Friday Mar 2

Good swim to start. 1:19, 5000 yds. swim was 8 times through (3x100 on 1:20, 200 on 2:40) + 3x100 on 1:20 end. Total swim time for the 4300 was 53:45...felt good holding 1:12-1:16 on the 100's and around 2:30 for the 200's). Pool was 82*...HOT

Steady ride after of 2:35 and 81 km. REALLY WINDY and warm. 87* with gusts over 40mph. Rest of day to follow IMNZ, always seems like this race kicks off the start of the season.

Looks like rain tomorrow, may ride tomorrow or move big day to sunday...we'll see.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Mar 1

Thursday Mar 1

Today I had a tough track workout in the morning. 30min 6k wu and then broken 2000's. Here was the pattern and efforts. Aet effort was 6:40 pace and LT effort was about 5:40. It was windy(20mph+), so i tried to go by HR more than pace. 4k 20min cd.

200 easy, 1600 Aet, 200 easy
700Aet/100easy/200LT/100easy/700Aet, 200 easy
600Aet/100easy/400LT/100easy/600Aet, 200 easy
500Aet/100easy/600LT/100easy/500Aet, 200 easy
400Aet/100easy/800LT/100easy/400Aet, 200 easy
200Aet/100easy/1200LT/100easy/200AeT, 200 easy
100AeT/100easy/1400LT/100easy/100AeT, 200 easy

Next week I will add the 300/100/1000/100/300. And then in 2 weeks I will add 1 mile of LT and 1 mile of AeT at the end. The workout in 2 weeks will be just over 30km total distance and will serve as my long run for that week. That is 4 weeks out.

Total Run today was 1:38 and 24 km.

Was going to swim after, but was totally shelled. Managed 1300 in 30min.

Afternoon ride was good after a nap. 1:58 and 63 km

Moderate day tomorrow and then BIG day Sat.