Mar 16 &17 - Freshening

Saturday Mar 17

Quick recap of the last few days:

Swim 12x400 on 6:00 SCY on the pattern of swim, pull with pads, then add the band :) 200 cd.

Ride of 1:45 and 51km easy steady in new position on TTX. Feel pretty good. The bike is so much more stiff!!

Weights for 60min. 2 x 20 @ 135 , then ad-ab ductors, calf raises, good core, push-ups and long stretch on the cage.

The active release ( ) really seems to have helped. Friend, Kevin Purcell ( ) recommended that I find a chiro that had the certification. I did and he is great. His site is Thanks Doc, see you monday!


Friday Mar 16

Swim of 1:00 and 3600 yds, 5x200 on 2:55, 4x200 on 2:50, 3x200 on 2:45, 2x200 on 2:40, 200 fast. Then 500 pull and 100 easy.

Ran on pavement after ART appt. for 56min and 12km. Felt great! Hopefully it will continue.

Evening ride on new bike. 1:29 and 44 km. easy/steady.


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