Mar 9 & 10 Training with the Bobcats

Saturday Mar 10

Before I write about my training, I figured that I would talk about something else that might be of interest. My good friend Cindi Bannick( told me that I need to write about some of the wildlife that I see out while training...especially after my ride earlier this last week.

I was out on a longer ride this last Thursday and riding on the Van Fleet Trail. We always joke about disappearing out there, because you are riding through the swamps of Central Florida...there is nothing out there. Anyway,It was about an hour before sunset and I remember thinking to myself, "this would be the time to see an alligator."

After a few more km's had passed, I looked ahead and saw something that looked like a dog on trail. As I got closer I saw that it was about the size of a medium sized dog, but looked like a brown cat with a short pointy tail. When I got within about 100 yds I yelled at it. It turned and then took two bounds into the swamp.

When I got back home I talked to Cindi, who has a wildlife background. She searched a bit and sent me a link to what she thought it was. A bobcat!! No way, I checked out the picks and they matched up almost exactly. I guess they are fairly rare to see...that is what you get when you spend so many hours out on your bike! Last year in Boulder it was a mountain lion, this year it is a bobcat in Clermont!


Ok, the training:

Pool was in Long Course Meters for the first time this year today. The shoulders will be tired tomorrow. :) Moderate set today, after two days of hard swimming. Total swim was 1:45, 5600m(6200 yds)...800s, 8x100 drill/swim on 2min, 800 pull(half with paddles), 500s, 5x100 drill swim on 2min, 500 pull with paddles, 400s, 4x100 build, 400 pull with pads, 300s, 3x100 hard, 300 pull with pads, 200s, 200k, 100 swim.

60min water run followed.....3hours total in the pool is a looong time. Can't complain tho, 80* and sun at the outdoor pool. :)

Afternoon ride of 2:27, 75km steady ride rolling Cherry Lake, Bay Lake and back.

Great massage coming later tonight!!!!!!


Friday Mar 9

Morning swim with Lisa Bentley and Kimberly Grogan. Total was 4300 yds in 1:25. 600 wu, 8x50 build on 55sec. Then 8x200 HARD on 3:30(lots of rest), 2:24, 2:23, 2:21, 2:21, 2:19, 2:18, 2:19, 2:17...descended nicely(Hr pretty high), then 5x100 with paddles building by 25's on 1:30, + long cooldown.

Water run on 60min with Lisa.

Afternoon included a good weight session on 60min. Squats were 3 sets: 20-135, 2x16-155. Add(ab) ductor work, calf raises, flys, push-ups, good core stuff and that is it. Ankle felt good.

Afternoon ride cut a little short, the hard efforts in the water took a little bit out of me (Erin, this is me relating to your hill repeats that put you over the edge:) Total ride was 1:31 and 41 km in the hills-Grassy Lake back through Montverde). Wayyy to many trucks on this road!


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