Mar 25 & 26

Monday Mar 26

Early run of 40min and 8 km easy steady on the path around Lake Minneola. Felt good.

Swim with Natasha at the NTC 1:21 and 4800 yds.

1k wu mixed with a few drills
8x50 on 2 patterns of 4. 3,6,12,all hard with cruise 25 for recovery

3x (400pull mod-hard on 5:30, 4x150 HARD on 2:30)

#1 400(5:04), 150's (1:51,1:49,1:49,1:48)
#2 400(4:58), 150's (1:50, 1:48, 1:47, 1:45)
#3 400(500), 150's (1:50, 1:46, 1:44, 1:44)

Easy cd. Very happy with the 150's hard, but comfortable swimming in that zone.

Afternoon ride that was HOT and WINDY. Very exciting route today (Very sarcastic). 561 to 33 to Green Pond Rd to Van Fleet and Back Bay Lake, Lake Erie). Ride was 2:48 and 88km. All easy/steady.


Sunday Mar 25 (3 weeks out)

Very tired and hungry today. Managed 2000 LCM (2200 yds). Too shelled even to do a longer float swim. 45min total.

Long nap in the afternoon and lots of water helped. Calf is tight, so recovery day is welcomed.

3 weeks to go from today. 2 more runs of 90min + and 2 rides of 3-4 hours left. A few days with faster stuff mixed in, before a big rest before the race.

Hope all else is going well for everyone. I checked the weather the other night and it was 73* in Madison and 72* here in Clermont....freaky for March.


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