Mar 13

Tuesday Mar 13

Good day today, I have to head to bed for an earlier start tomorrow. SO here is a quick recap.

Swim 1:10 and 3600 yds. Mixed 1500 warm-up with some drilling and builds. Then 60x25 on :30 3hard/1easy, half with big paddles. (held :13-:14 for most of them.)...easy cd after that.

Run: 30min aqua jog after the swim. Had a good talk with Dede Griesbauer. She is a very nice person and hope that she does well this year...I don't think she needs luck tho. She is an animal in the water.

Afternoon vo2 ride of 2:27 and 65 km in the hills. 75min warm-up steady into 8x1:30 at best avg power up sugar loaf to fist set of telephone lines. Did the repeats on 90s recovery. Pleased with the data, but I think that I can hit 500w just 1x this year....maybe a goal for later this summer.

I had a lot of questions on what do AP, NP and HR mean, so I thought I would clarify

AP is Actual Power Output
NP is Normal Power Output
HR is Heatrate

#1 Avg HR 160, Max HR 176, AP 412, NP 429
#2 Avg HR 161, Max HR 180, AP 434, NP 455
#3 Avg HR 162, Max HR 182, AP 430, NP 446
#4 Avg HR 166, Max HR 182, AP 450, NP 464 *** Personal Best
#5 Avg HR 163, Max HR 180, AP 416, NP 430
#6 Avg HR 167, Max HR 182, AP 421, NP 430
#7 Avg HR 165, Max HR 181, AP 416, NP 430
#8 Avg HR 171, Max HR 185, AP 441, NP 451

I think that numbers could be more consistent, but I was playing around with cadence and gearing. The hill also has a little leveling from the steeeeeeep grade. I would like a longer 'wall-like' hill if I go for 500w.

Ok, all for now. Pretty hot right now. Sunny and middle-upper 80's.


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