Sunday Mar 18 - It's all coming together

Today it really seems like it is all coming together...I think that by focusing on staying healthy and getting strong in the next few weeks, I should be ready to roll.

I am getting close to my race weight, was 156 this morning, with my goal at the beginning of my build being 155. I started out at 172 after the holiday season and was 165 when I arrived down here in Clermont. I have made sure that my power numbers have not fallen at all, infact they have gotten better. Meaning my power to weight have gone up a bit.

I will continue to eat healthy, keep my glycogen stores up and see where I go in the next few weeks.

Had a big day today:

Swam with Natasha this a.m. and set a few PR's. Total swim was 1:15 & 4600 LCM (5100 yds)

Started out with a warm-up of 200, 2x100 and 2x50 descending effort in wetsuit.

Then 2000m Timed. PR'd here by a bunch, here are the splits:

Went through 1km in 13:11, then through 1500m in 19:41, 1.9km in 25:01 and 2km in 26:20. Average was 1:19 per 100m.

Pool was really warm-up felt great throughout, after swimming 25-28k for the last 8 weeks, I really think there is a benefit over swimming 20k per week.

After the 2k, swam 100 easy, then 10x200 steady pull with band/bouy and big pads on 3:30. Held 1:25-8.

Hopped directly on my bike for a toughy in the wind and cold. about 50* when I started with a north wind blowing at 20mph.

Ride was 4:32:56 and 162km. Set today was 10min easy and then 6x30min at a HR that gave me 255-60w(145ish) on 15min easy between. Kept it rolling pretty well even on the easy, HR at about 130.

The new bike was great today. There is no comparison between the TTX and Lucero. The TTX is soo stiff and it absorbs everything. I no longer cringe when rolling over the rough patches.

Off the bike I was going to run 20km if the foot felt good. Well it did, but I ran out of water and was running out at the clay trail...not good :) So I shut it down at 15km. I ran 1mi easy and then held about 3hr marathon pace/effort/HR for 8 miles. easy cd. Total run was 15km and 1:09:xx. Ankle was good, muscles good.

Solid week with 30km of swimming, well over 500 km of riding and the run is back. Feeling good, except for the fact that Wisconsin LOST DAMMIT!


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