Mar 1

Thursday Mar 1

Today I had a tough track workout in the morning. 30min 6k wu and then broken 2000's. Here was the pattern and efforts. Aet effort was 6:40 pace and LT effort was about 5:40. It was windy(20mph+), so i tried to go by HR more than pace. 4k 20min cd.

200 easy, 1600 Aet, 200 easy
700Aet/100easy/200LT/100easy/700Aet, 200 easy
600Aet/100easy/400LT/100easy/600Aet, 200 easy
500Aet/100easy/600LT/100easy/500Aet, 200 easy
400Aet/100easy/800LT/100easy/400Aet, 200 easy
200Aet/100easy/1200LT/100easy/200AeT, 200 easy
100AeT/100easy/1400LT/100easy/100AeT, 200 easy

Next week I will add the 300/100/1000/100/300. And then in 2 weeks I will add 1 mile of LT and 1 mile of AeT at the end. The workout in 2 weeks will be just over 30km total distance and will serve as my long run for that week. That is 4 weeks out.

Total Run today was 1:38 and 24 km.

Was going to swim after, but was totally shelled. Managed 1300 in 30min.

Afternoon ride was good after a nap. 1:58 and 63 km

Moderate day tomorrow and then BIG day Sat.


call_anna said…
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mat steinmetz said…
What are you using your AeT HR?
Blake Becker said…
Hi Matt,

I am actually shooting for a few beats below AeT and then b/c of heat and fatigue, my HR rises to AeT by the end. AeT on the run for me is around 151.

The idea is to recover at IM pace/effort for the 2k repeats. Hope this helps.

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