Mar 8

Thursday Mar 8

Today was a solid one all around. I slept 10+ hours lastnight and was still tired this morning. As a result I got a bit of a late start.

Swam first this morning, 1:20 and 4900 yards with a tough mainset in the HOT pool.

12x100 on 1:40 building by 4's to sub 1:10 pace.
4x400 on 5:30 (4:58,4:56,4:53,4:55)
3x300 on 4:30 (3:40,3:39,3:37)

Then 30min water run with Lisa Bentley. She is giving me some good advice on water run training. She is a huge advocate of it. I am going to exclusively water run for at least a week.

Had a great afternoon long ride. 168km in 4:47. The mainset of the ride after a 1hour build to IM watts was 6x25min alternating 250-60w target with 230-40w target. The set was done on 5min rest.

Here is the data:

60min build to IM effort, then 6x25 on 5min rest below:

#1 38.9 kph / Avg HR 146 / NP 255
#2 36.8 kph / Avg HR 133 / NP 232
#3 38.6 kph / Avg HR 144 / NP 259
#4 36.8 kph / Avg HR 136 / NP 235
#5 38.7 kph / Avg HR 146 / NP 251
#6 35.4 kph/ Avg HR 144 / NP 230 - Totally bonked out...check out how the HR spiked up.

Rehydrated and rode steady for the last 30min before a 15min cd.

I am REALLY tired tonight, hopefully a good sleep and then an easier to moderate day tomorrow. The Escape Race on Sunday is still up in the air. I will keep you posted.

On another note, it was brought to my attention that when I get tired my grammar suffers big, I apologize now for all of the blogs in the past and the ones to come in future with terrible grammar. Then again, it is just a blog and hopefully no one is judging me on my writing :)

Ok, that's it for now. My Name Is Earl is on in a few...gotta run!



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