Mar 19 & 20

Tuesday Mar 20

Well, after my ART apt yesterday, I decided to head out for my first 'long' run since I pinched the nerve in my ankle. I had sushi lastnight with Natasha, Graham, Stacy, Gavin and Kimberly...and I thought it would be the perfect pre-long run food. Actually turned out to be awesome! Maybe a regular thing????? We'll see.

Anyway, the plan was 30km out at the clay trail. 15min warm-up, 1:45 at IM effort and then 15min cd.

The run went great. I lifted my arch up in my shoe and am running with more of a forefoot strike...this takes a lot of pressure off of both my ankles and my quads. My calfs did pay the price a little bit in the last 20min. Not terrible tho.

I now feel that I have the confidence back for my run to be ok on race day. I will shut it down now, with a few key runs here and there before race day.

Today's sessions:

Run 2:15 30km
Swim 20min 800 yds, mostly kick to get the junk out.

Erin Kummer, an athlete also racing on Timex is in town for a few nights. I met her in Boulder last year while training over the summer. She is excited to be soaking up some of the nice FL weather! Maybe everyone will start flocking to Clermont to train???????


Monday Mar 19 - Recovery day.

Swim in the am LCM with Natasha. 100 warm, followed by 2x(6x50 band only, 500 pull, 200 choice)...Natasha did 3 rounds(animal), b/c of band swimming yesterday, I was done after 2. 3000m(3300yds) in 1:10 today, 30min water run after.

Early afternoon ride of 1:20 and 42km before heading for my ART apt. Great again! Thanks Dr. McKeon.

Currently there are no ART certified chiro's in Clermont, but Dr. McKeon is thinking of making regular trip up if there is interest from athletes. He is very good, prices are reasonable(even for us athletes) and he is a good person. Check him out via or drop me a line and I can pass along his info.

Ok, that is all for today.


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