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Last weekend of training Day 1

Today is done and it was a gooooood one. Finally warm, no arm/leg warmer weather. It was about 80* during my run.

The morning started out with an open water swim in Lake Monona with my friends John and Fritz. About 45min of swimming, ending with some hard efforts. Was was probably about 60*.

I then rolled out and rode the IMWI course and split 5:07:51 for the 180km. This included slowing for 2 water stops, 2 poty breaks, traffic signals and rolling through the towns along the route. TSS was 290. I originally wanted to shoot for sub 5 today, but it was just too windy, gusty to 30mph.

Run off the bike at IM pace.....and that's all she wrote for today.


May's riding is done and looking at my performance chart, I see that I rode 2080 km or about 1300 miles over 66.5hrs, with a TSS of 3157. This is about 20% higher than any previous month this I am happy.

More to come tomorrow.




Believing in your abilities is so important in everything that we do through life, it help define us as people and individuals. But I (of course) am relating to being a triathlete in this post.

When you are trying to win, you have to believe that everything that you have been doing, are currently doing and will be doing, will have you at your best on race day.

I have to be able to look across the start line and say to myself, "I believe that I can compete and battle with any one of you."

Can you look at your training and say that? If not, what do you need to change in order to be able to say that? Just a thought...


4 more days in the bank on this end.

Swim - 4.4k w/4x800 on 30s rest LCM
Bike - 2:30 with 4x6min at 340w uphill
Run - 35min off the bike strong.
Swim - 6.6k w/60x100 on 1:45-1:30 5's,4's,3's,2's,1's LCM
Bike - 1:30 steady
Run - 50min steady
Swim - 4.7k wtih 3.5k mainset ending with sprints
Bike - …

Week 4....Breaking Through

Week 4 of 6 is almost done and again, we added to what I did the previous week. My big breakthrough this week came on Wednesday's ride. After a solid day I backed the ride up with another solid session on Saturday. I seem to really be making progress in my bike wattage, while staying strong in the pool and on the run.

I am very excited as we get closer to June 22. I will now sharpen up a bit for each key session/block. Next weekend will be my final big Sat/Sun pairing before Ironman Coeur d'Alene. I have a few goals for these sessions that will give me even more confidence when I hit the start line in June...but for now, they stay a secret.

Here is a summary of the week:

Swim - 4.6k
Bike - 3:00 w/3x20 in z3 on 5min rest
Run - 50min
Swim - 4.4k
Bike - 1:30 ez
Run - 1:00
Swim - 3.4k
Bike - 4:30 as 2hrs at IM watts, then 6x20 at 280-290w on 5min recovery.
Run - 30min T-run
Bike - 50min recovery
Run - 2:20 - Pace run
Swim - 3.3k
Bike - 1:40

Week 3 Rollin'

I am starting to feel stronger as the weeks go by. I am definitely adapting to the stress. Here is how week 3 played out:

Swim - 4.2k
Bike - 2:24 with 5x7min at 330-340w on 2min recovery
Run - 50min steady

Swim - 4.3k
Bike - 1:10 ez
Run - 1:00 steady

Swim - 3k
Bike - 4:06 with 5x20min zone 3 on 5min recovery
Run - 36min off the bike steady

Run - 2:18 3 miles wu, then 16 miles at 6:30-45, 1.25mi cd
Bike - 1:10 ez

Swim - 5k
Bike - 1:11 ez

Swim - 3k
Bike - 4:47 2.5hrs at ironman watts, 3x30min zone3 on 5min recovery (good ride)
Run - 25min at pace off the bike

Run - 1:30 with 3x3miles at half ironman pace on 5min recovery
Bike - 1:33 ez


HOURS : 29:27
SWIM: 5:22 - 19,525 yds
BIKE: 16:33 - 312 miles
RUN: 6:32 - 56 miles

Searching For That 1%

I was talking to my coach, Kurt, the other night regarding recovery during this tough block of training.

Normally, we all have our usual recovery techniques that we practice each night (barring bowling, laser tag, mini-golf or a beer of course ;) But when we step things up, we often forget to step up our recovery. The challenge becomes, "how can I get my body able to do what I need it to, tomorrow?" We called it the extra 1%!

So here are a few recovery tips that I use, that you might want to try:

1) I wear compression socks or tights everywhere. Sounds stupid, but it has made a big difference for me. Especially since I tend to have very tight lower leg muscles.

2) I take an ice bath after all long or hard runs.

3) I make sure to eat A LOT during training and quite a bit after too. The reason is because if we deplete our glycogen stores during training, it places us in a big(ger) hole that we need to climb out of, when the session is over.

4) I use my TP Massage products at …

2 of 6 in the books

The second week of my build into Ironman CDA is in the books and the body is feeling pretty good. The only day that I wasn't able to finish my intervals was Wednesday. For those of you that are interested, here is the week summary:

Swim - 4k
Bike - 2:00 with 4x7 at 320-330w
Run - 50min

Swim - 3.3k
Bike - 1:15 ez
Run - 1:00

Swim - 3k
Bike - 4:20 with 3x30min in zone 3 on 5min recovery
Run - 20min T-run

Bike - 1:30 with 60min at 250w before run
Run - 1:55 off the bike as 11mi at 6:20-30 pace, 6 miles at 7min per mile.

Swim - 4k
Run - 50min

Bike - 3:50 wtih 5x20min in zone 3 on 5min recovery
Run - 25min T-run
Swim - 2.5k recovery

Run - 1:15 with 3x15min in zone 3
Swim - 2.2k with 1.5k speed set

Totals Hours: 25:54

Swim: 19.2k
Bike: 251 miles
Run: 54 miles
Strength 1 hour

It's almost time toooo.........


Of course, this significantly decreases my chances of attracting women. Not that I meet many out riding, or on my couch....but you never know.

So, I decided to make a list to help me decide what to do.

Top 5 Reason's to shave your head.

1. It makes you slower in the pool.
2. It makes you hot when running.
3. Bees don't hit you and bounce off, they get caught in your hair.
4. I look like a slob in the morning....especially when I don't shave for a week.
5. Shaving your head makes you look like a badass.

Top 5 Reason's to NOT shave your head.

1. Women
2. Women
3. Women
4. Women
5. Women

Since I don't have a woman or meet any women, I am shaving it!


Yesterday's training was pretty solid.

3k swim
4:15 ride with 90min of zone 3, was suppose to be 120min(but I couldn't hold the power)
20min T-run

Off to run......


Shorter is better????

If you know me and my past, than you know that I got a lot of right quad and knee tightness when I rode/ran hard on consecutive days. I think that I may have solved the problems that I was having.

I swapped out my 175 cranks, for 172.5's and swapped out my Q-ring for traditional rings. In 2 weeks of some damn hard riding, I have no tightness! I hope I am not jinxing myself, but a smaller circumference seemed to be what I needed, it only took 4 years to realize it :)

I may go back to a Q-ring as my big chainring, but I want more time where I am at now. I have lowered my front end quite a bit and don't want to get too crazy with my hip angle.

Another solid day in the books and the weather was even nice for getting the work done.



It's all coming back....

What's all coming back??? Why I do this, which is...because I love this sport. I got back to Wisconsin, started rolling and it all seems to be coming back.

I put together some ideas for a pretty aggressive 6 week block leading into Ironman Coeur D'Alene and ran it by Kurt. He is going to work with me on it and keep me from trying to kill myself.

I have also made some bike changes to get me a lot lower and more aero...the position is still comfortable and seems a lot faster. Overall I am very excited and motivated for this race, which is what I need. The only other race leading into CDA will be the Rockman Half Ironman 2 weeks out on June 8.

I will outline my training each week as I build.

Week 1 MONDAY: Swim: 4k 3x1000 mainset Bike: 2:00 with 6x4min at 330w uphill Run: 45min steady - TUESDAY: Swim: 3k LCM swim tech focused Run: 50min steady Bike: 1:15 easy ride - WEDNESDAY: Swim: 3k mixed Bike: 4:10 in the hills with 2x20min and 2x30min at 285-305watts all on 5min rest Run: 20min steady off the…