Shorter is better????

If you know me and my past, than you know that I got a lot of right quad and knee tightness when I rode/ran hard on consecutive days. I think that I may have solved the problems that I was having.

I swapped out my 175 cranks, for 172.5's and swapped out my Q-ring for traditional rings. In 2 weeks of some damn hard riding, I have no tightness! I hope I am not jinxing myself, but a smaller circumference seemed to be what I needed, it only took 4 years to realize it :)

I may go back to a Q-ring as my big chainring, but I want more time where I am at now. I have lowered my front end quite a bit and don't want to get too crazy with my hip angle.

Another solid day in the books and the weather was even nice for getting the work done.




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