It's all coming back....

What's all coming back??? Why I do this, which is...because I love this sport. I got back to Wisconsin, started rolling and it all seems to be coming back.

I put together some ideas for a pretty aggressive 6 week block leading into Ironman Coeur D'Alene and ran it by Kurt. He is going to work with me on it and keep me from trying to kill myself.

I have also made some bike changes to get me a lot lower and more aero...the position is still comfortable and seems a lot faster. Overall I am very excited and motivated for this race, which is what I need. The only other race leading into CDA will be the Rockman Half Ironman 2 weeks out on June 8.

I will outline my training each week as I build.

Week 1
Swim: 4k 3x1000 mainset
Bike: 2:00 with 6x4min at 330w uphill
Run: 45min steady
Swim: 3k LCM swim tech focused
Run: 50min steady
Bike: 1:15 easy ride
Swim: 3k mixed
Bike: 4:10 in the hills with 2x20min and 2x30min at 285-305watts all on 5min rest
Run: 20min steady off the bike
Bike: 1:10 with 60min at 260w
Run: 1:50 off the bike as 10miles at 6:30 pace, 6.5mi at 7min pace
Swim: 3.5k mixed
Bike: 45min easy spin
Swim: 4.4k...4x(400,4x100)
Bike: 3:00 with 3x30min at 285-305w
Run: 35min run off the bike steady
Run: 1:15 with 3x3min, 3x6min hard
Bike: 1:45 easy
TOTAL: 25:46 hours, Swim: 18,180 yards, Bike: 263 miles, Run: 49 miles, Strength: 60min


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