Believing in your abilities is so important in everything that we do through life, it help define us as people and individuals. But I (of course) am relating to being a triathlete in this post.

When you are trying to win, you have to believe that everything that you have been doing, are currently doing and will be doing, will have you at your best on race day.

I have to be able to look across the start line and say to myself, "I believe that I can compete and battle with any one of you."

Can you look at your training and say that? If not, what do you need to change in order to be able to say that? Just a thought...


4 more days in the bank on this end.

Swim - 4.4k w/4x800 on 30s rest LCM
Bike - 2:30 with 4x6min at 340w uphill
Run - 35min off the bike strong.
Swim - 6.6k w/60x100 on 1:45-1:30 5's,4's,3's,2's,1's LCM
Bike - 1:30 steady
Run - 50min steady
Swim - 4.7k wtih 3.5k mainset ending with sprints
Bike - 1:30 ez
Run - 1:20 with 45min at HIM pace.
Swim - 2.1k recovery
Bike - 3:15 ending with 3x20min in z3 on 5min recovery, 295w, 304w, 307w

Tomorrow is an easier day, before hitting it hard this weekend.


Right now the water temp in Coeur d'Alene is 48*, let's hope it warms up...A LOT in the next 3 weeks! :)




jonnyo said…
good job blake...those are some solid weeks! keep the good work!

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