Week 4....Breaking Through

Week 4 of 6 is almost done and again, we added to what I did the previous week. My big breakthrough this week came on Wednesday's ride. After a solid day I backed the ride up with another solid session on Saturday. I seem to really be making progress in my bike wattage, while staying strong in the pool and on the run.

I am very excited as we get closer to June 22. I will now sharpen up a bit for each key session/block. Next weekend will be my final big Sat/Sun pairing before Ironman Coeur d'Alene. I have a few goals for these sessions that will give me even more confidence when I hit the start line in June...but for now, they stay a secret.

Here is a summary of the week:

Swim - 4.6k
Bike - 3:00 w/3x20 in z3 on 5min rest
Run - 50min
Swim - 4.4k
Bike - 1:30 ez
Run - 1:00
Swim - 3.4k
Bike - 4:30 as 2hrs at IM watts, then 6x20 at 280-290w on 5min recovery.
Run - 30min T-run
Bike - 50min recovery
Run - 2:20 - Pace run
Swim - 3.3k
Bike - 1:40
Swim - 3.8k
Bike - 5:50 ending with 3x30 z3 on 5min recovery. TSS 291
Run - 30min T-run
Run - 1:20
Swim - 2k ez

Weekly Totals:
Hours: 30:54
Swim: 6:22 - 21,343 yds
Bike: 17:18 - 340 miles (TSS 795)
Run: 6:25 - 51 miles
Strength: 1:00


Sue said…
looking forward to your arrival to our beautiful city...you will be impressed with the community, people, and the race will be great!!!

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