2013 CEC PRO Camp Day 1

Today was a first good day of camp, though it SNOWED here in Tucson and the surrounding areas.  As a result, Mt. Lemmon was closed, so we improvised today. Here's a recap.

75minute swim. 4500 total

600 choice swim
400 as 25drill/75swim
600 as 150free/50choice

4x25 band on :30
200 ez
4x50 band on :60
200 ez

4x400 pull with pads moderate on 5:00

600 choice cd

Then onto the bike for 3:20 through beautiful Saguaro National Park. 5 loops through the park with a solid climb on each loop. As you can see, the ride got a bit hot during the last two times through.

Easy 15' run off the bike to wrap up the day.  


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