Forced Recovery

In the past two seasons, I have done quite a few things right with my training. But there was one aspect that I wanted to improve; I felt like I had done a bit too much during my recovery blocks.  This season I have changed that and it has made a world of difference.  Most of my recovery blocks last for 5 days and follow about 14 days of training.

This last block was the best recovery block to date.  I headed down to Destin, FL to spend the week with the Piper's.  Carly and I swam every day in the ocean, which was a GREAT change in scenery.  I swam M,W,R,F that consisted of 2 easy swims, 1 long swim and 1 moderate swim. I rode easy on M and Sa for 90minutes and then rode 4hrs with 3x30km at 300w on Su.  I ran M,W,R,F,Su this week with M and R being easy, W being a 15km build run, F being a longer 90min run and Su a brick run of 8miles at 6:30/mi. Total hours for the week ended up being 14:45.

I am now back in WI, leaves are on the trees and it feels like the season is here.  I have quite a few shorter, faster sessions during the weeks and long training on the weekends.  This is a structure that I am finding quite effective when leading into an Ironman.

I will keep you updated with weekly training summaries as we go, as well as some very exciting news that is coming down the pipe.



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