Block Done!

After a recovery day on friday with swim and easy spin, I headed to the Monona 20k run race.  I decided to end my long run with the race, which actually worked well.  I felt good from the get go.  After a bit over 8miles to start at an average 6:30 per mile, I ran the 20km race at an average pace of 6:20.  All felt great, HR steady at 155 (which is just under IM HR for me).  Easy cd after to 21 miles.

To finish off the block I did a VERY steady hilly ride.  It's always a good sign when you end your training block better than you started ;)  5hrs in the saddle today, 7000 ft of climbing and NP of 265w.  Felt great throughout.

Now I am off to FL for 4 days of R&R!! Can't wait! Check in with you all when I am back and rolling again.



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