Todd Varness

I had the privilege of getting to know Todd Varness over the last year and a half! Let me tell you about Todd. Now I only saw Todd a few days each week for a short period of time outside maybe an occasional Saturday morning at the famers market. Though it wasn't much, he did have a huge impact on me as a person.

There are a lot of people that workout early in the morning. They get up when it's dark, are grumpy and bitter throughout their workouts, then go to work and live their busy lives. Well with Todd, he had a busy life, he worked with kids and he did train before it was light out. But there was one huge difference with him. He NEVER and I mean NEVER complained once about anything. Infact, I think he laughed and joked just about more than anything else. Even right before he was diagnosed and when he was feeling so bad, he never once complained!

He was always the first one to ask how your day was going or say hi. He was sarcastic, funny and one deserves to leave this earth as quickly as he did. It was much too soon. I hope that his first child, who will be born in December, will get to hear first hand from everyone, just how special his/her dad was!

RIP Todd, you will be missed and know that we will all live life just a little bit better, a little bit fuller, because you showed us how it was done!


Unknown said…
i am a college friend of Todd's who has been out of touch for several years. I googled his name and found your posting. Thank you for reconnecting me with him today. He was a great human.
Janet said…
You don't know me, but I go to the same church as Todd. I wholeheartedly agree with what you said. He will be greatly missed.
Unknown said…
Blake, a colleague of Todd's just forwarded this to me. Thank you so much for those words. I laughed outloud and sobbed reading through them. So true. Even in his last weeks of pain and discomfort, no complaints. So appreciative of your taking the time to write this. I will certainly be adding it to the memorial book for our baby BOY :) love and gratitude, dierdre varness
susan said…
Todd was my son Jack's doctor. Jack was diagnosed with diabetes last fall, "Dr. Todd" was compassionate, real and funny. As parents, he gave us permission to be disappointed for Jack. Jack's eyes sparkled when he spoke to him. At Jack's last appointment in May we learned of Todd's cancer, he took the time to hold Jack's hand and assure him that if her was not there on Jack's next visit someone else woudl take great care of him. When we left Jack said, "kinda stinks that a guy who spends so much time taking care of kids has to be so sick." Exactly, kids like Jack could have used Dr. Todd for many years to come. :) Grateful at the impact Todd has made on our lives in such a short time.
I am one of his many fans. He was one of the volunteer Doctors at Diabetes Weeks at the Wisconsin Lions Camp. He was an absolutely amazing person. The energy and fun he brought to camp was unmatched. We enjoyed morning runs and after lunch lighting games together at camp. I only knew him for 4 years but every year i looked forward to the precious time i got to spend with Doc Todd. He will be dearly missed. RIP Doc Todd
Blake Becker said…
Hi everyone, thanks for all the comments, kind words and stories...Todd was a great man and knowing him will make each one of our lives better!!

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