Week 1 in Tucson....

The first week in Tucson has flown by, as I am sure the next 4 will. The weather has been nothing short of perfect (45-55* and dry at night, 80-90* sunny and not that windy during the day) and the training has been fantastic. The body is starting to feel good again and I am optimistic about being fit enough to go well in April. I will get a little better picture in another few weeks.
This week is also moving week in the Johnson household. Curt and Erin Johnson are the couple that I am living with here in Tucson and are moving themselves, their stuff, 2 puppers and a bum athlete :) into a new place. Luckily, the move in and move out dates overlap and the new place is about a mile away, so there is no rush on getting stuff over there. Tomorrow will be the "big stuff" day with the Uhaul. No need to strength train...
On the last blog I talked about the mind/body connection and how doing well in life, really goes hand in hand with doing well in sport. The reality is that sport is just sport, it is fantastic....but it can also go away in a second....and will go away at some point. When you view it in that light and focus on the rest of your life most of the time, the pressure is gone and you will probably find that you are going just as well, if not faster. This is key to enjoyment and longevity.
Focus on making your daily life better. Ask yourself what you need to be happier....at work, at home, socially, or emotionally? Are you living the way that you want to live? Are you the happiest person that you can be? If not, how can you change it...or at least get the ball rolling to change it? Once you do, or start to....everything else will just fall into place....
With training(I am learning with this one:), don't obsess over numbers, other athletes/people, or things that you can't change(non-controllables). Just get out the door, love it, work hard and then leave it! You will find it to be a great outlet for the rest of your life. If you have an injury that you are working through, it is tough...I know, I have been there. But in the big picture it is just a blip on the life screen. Come up with a plan that includes everything you can do and stick to it....enjoy THAT process, and before you know it, you'll be back 100%.

Alright, I'll wrap this one up. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Wisconsinites, hang in there....less than 3 weeks until spring....I will see you all in April. Everyone else...who seems to have great weather right now, enjoy it!
I promise the next entry will be a little more light hearted!



ll said…
smart words man!
Kurt P. said…
nothing new man?

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