A New Focus

Many of you have looked at my 2009 race schedule and asked if I have a new focus for the coming year. So I thought I would answer this one on my blog.

Ironman has been the primary focus of my racing since I have gotten into the sport. The challenge of racing all day and pushing your body over 8, 9 or 10 hours has become a passion of mine. But over the last few years, I have realized that my strength may be elsewhere in the sport...the 70.3 distance, or half ironman. Whether it be physical or physiological, I seem to go the best when racing for 4 hours.

I will still be racing Ironman Wisconsin in September, but until then my number one focus will be the half ironman distance. In addition to the half ironman, I will also be taking part in more short local events to help build up my top end.

I am very excited for the coming year and will post all the latest news on my blog. you can also visit my website regarding clinics and camps for the coming season.


On another note, things are going very well here in OZ. But it is really starting to get heat up. It was well over 100* today and training in the afternoon can be tough. I love it here, but in some ways I will be glad to head to New Zealand next week to escape some of this heat.

After a few weeks there I will be flying back to the states, visiting briefly with friends and family in Wisconsin and then heading to Tucson for some early season N.A. racing and training.



Sue said…
OK, so I am sure you know what my question is...glad to see you going in the direction your passion is leading you...
Kurt P. said…
smart call Becker. you are young...use that speed. race with abandon!

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