Week 3 Rollin'

I am starting to feel stronger as the weeks go by. I am definitely adapting to the stress. Here is how week 3 played out:

Swim - 4.2k
Bike - 2:24 with 5x7min at 330-340w on 2min recovery
Run - 50min steady

Swim - 4.3k
Bike - 1:10 ez
Run - 1:00 steady

Swim - 3k
Bike - 4:06 with 5x20min zone 3 on 5min recovery
Run - 36min off the bike steady

Run - 2:18 3 miles wu, then 16 miles at 6:30-45, 1.25mi cd
Bike - 1:10 ez

Swim - 5k
Bike - 1:11 ez

Swim - 3k
Bike - 4:47 2.5hrs at ironman watts, 3x30min zone3 on 5min recovery (good ride)
Run - 25min at pace off the bike

Run - 1:30 with 3x3miles at half ironman pace on 5min recovery
Bike - 1:33 ez


HOURS : 29:27
SWIM: 5:22 - 19,525 yds
BIKE: 16:33 - 312 miles
RUN: 6:32 - 56 miles


MarkyV said…
Your week has GOT to be more compelling than those bucket of numbers... come on... tell us about that hot chick you met at the bar at 3am on Monday night.

You train like the Aussies, right? ;)
Kurt P. said…
he gets one day per week to cruise the bike path for chicks...then back to the grind stone.
Blake Becker said…
It is nice to have a coach that responds to blog comments...it allows me to put more energy into my workouts :) Thanks KP.

No Aussie training for me...yet ;)

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