Starting to roll---Week 1

This week went very well considering I was coming off of 8 weeks training where I averaged between 12-18 hrs per week. The 3 weeks before that, I averaged even less.

I still have a long way to go before I am ready to race, but I was surprised at the numbers that I saw this week and it is proof that we can maintain our fitness without much volume at all.

Here is a summary of the week along with a few details.

The total hours for the week was just over 25, which included just over 24k of swimming, 12.5 hours of riding (243 miles) and 5 hours (41 miles) of running. I also had 1 hour of strength work and a good time during the Packer Game yesterday ;)

Swimming went ok, but was not my focus.

The riding went well. My weekly TSS score was just shy of 550 and I had several good rides, which means I have a good starting point for this coming season. The highlight was a 4hr steady ride with normalized power after the warm-up of just over 240 watts. I also had 2 shorter hard rides of 2.5 hours.

The running went ok. My long run was 15 miles and I had a tempo run of 10 miles with some hard miles inserted into the middle of it. This run was a little too much for my foot and I had to back off for two days after it.

The weather has been great (but is expected to get cooler) and it is good to see everyone that I know down here.

I hope everyone's year is starting off on a good foot. I will send out another update in a few days!




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