I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope 2008 is your best year yet!

Things are back on track in Madtown and I am getting ready to "fly"....ok, DRIVE south. I am leaving in 4 days to what feels like my second home in Clermont, FL. Thanks Graham and Stacy! I will be there for about 8-1o weeks, before heading west to Arizona for most of March and part of April.

On the training side, things are good..."WOW, seems like a while since I have said that!" :) I hit 77km of running last week, which felt great. Today marks 12 weeks since my stress fracture and I finally feel like I will soon be at 100%. All I have to say is I will be avoiding those at all costs in the future!

When I am down in FL, AZ & CA...I will keep everyone in the loop with regular training updates.

More to come from the Sunshine State!



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