May 7,8,9

After my big block, i followed it up with a day that included only 2500y of swimming, followed by a 5hr aerobic maintanence day on Monday.

Monday included a 5500yd swim, 64min 14k run, 30min of core work and a 2hr 61km ride.

Tuesday was a good day. Started out with a 3km swim that included a 2k mainset of 60x25 on 25sec, every other hard, the last 10 with pads. Then 500pull strong to finish it out.

Straight onto the bike where the idea was to warm-up and then ride 3:30 IM Race Simulation on the IMWI bike course. The weather was good. Low 80's and humid(for wisconsin) with light winds. I rode 10mi to the loop and then started and just pinned the HR in the low 140's and rode on feel for all the climbs. Nutrition was EXACTLY how I wanted on race day.

Though I don't have my PT for another week, i was very happy with the results. Almost 2 full 42mi loops, with the last one being about 1minute faster than the first. HR average on both was 143 and speed avgeraged out to 22.1mph in the middle of a training block, on training wheels, i am very pleased with my progress since my overload block.

I rolled home for a total of 149 km (about 93miles) in 4:35 ride time. Ran 8km off the bike very steady in 33:xx.

I have figured some stuff out about the IMWI bike course that will make a huge difference should I decide to race here again this year. I will that in my pocket until race day.

Today and tomorrow will be easier days before 3 solid days on the weekend that will include some faster stuff and long LSD(haha) ride in the hills and then a SOLID long run on sunday.

I hope all other midwesterners are enjoying the weather and I look foward to racing in about 10 days.

Until next time.....


sentania said…
22.1 mph over 2 loops of IMWI. Nice.

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