Mar 29 & 30 Here we go...

Friday Mar 30

Well, looking back on my 2004 log (which is partly what I am using for this build), I saw that this weekend's key session is the one where I should see higher numbers...well, I did!

Here they are for your enjoyment:

The day started out with a 4250y swim in 1:02. 2500 mod. straight to start. Then 5x200p mod-hard on 2:40(all were 2:25-30). Then 5x100 build by 25 to all hard by the end. Then I finished with 250k mod-hard.

Straight onto the bike. 15min easy, then the following set:

60min 230 target: 235w - HR 138
10min easy
45min 240 target: 240w - HR 143
10min easy
30min 260 target: 261w - HR 151
10min easy
15min 315 target: 318w - HR 172 - Highest I have seen in a while. (Cherry lake Road)

Finished steady, total ride of 3:31 and 121 km.

Run off the bike of 5km, avg 6:52 pace with HR of 140-45.

Massage at 3 and then packing for the rest of the day. I fly out tomorrow morning for the Timex Team Camp and will then spend the last 10 days in Tempe putting in my final preparations on the Arizona Course.


Friday Mar 29

Swim 1:05 total and about 3500 total swimming. 2500 in the morning on easy swimming and drilling in the pool with Nina Kraft and Martn. More talking than swimming. Very nice people.

Then an afternoon easy lake swim with the Zilla as he prepares for Xterra Miami this weekend. Good luck to him. Crush it buddie.

Also, 'The Predator" JD is racing in Texas, Natasha is racing at Cali. 70.3 and Lisa in OZ. Good luck to all this weekend. I look forward to hearing about the races.

Afternoon ride of 90min and 40km easy flat spin. Legs felt good.


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