Mar 11 & 12 Up and Running (hopefully)

Monday Mar 12

Sometimes it seems like one thing after another doesn't go according to plan and needs fixing or taking care of. Well...I guess that is life and I feel I have a pretty good one, so I won't complain. I do believe that something good can come out of almost everything, or at least everything has a silver lining and happens for a I will try to write about the good that will hopefully come out of things going on down here.

Ok, my ankle is still causing a little annoyance, but is getting better. I saw the podiatrist today and the conclusion was that I 'pinched' the nerve that runs into the foot along the posterior tibial tendon. I have to continue icing, elevating and running as my body allows. The doc said that things should be better within 2 weeks(I am already 1 week into it) I'll cross my fingers. In the mean time I have had some great chats with other athletes and gotten to know a few a little bit better. Triathlon, even at the higher levels, seems to really attract 'good' people.

On Saturday, before heading out for my ride, I found a crack in my bike frame. It is on the seatpost clamp...after finding it, I hoped that it would hold until I could figure out what to do. I emailed my team manager, Ben Harper, over at Timex and he said that he could have my new bike here on Wednesday. What a great sponsor! So, as of this Wed. I will be on my new TTX 9.5...very excited for that and so far my bike is holding out.

Ok, this one might be a little harder to find some good in...but I'll try. Tonight I was eating a salad(not a surprise to those that know me best, for others, I eat one almost every_single_night) Anyway, I have green olives on my salad that were suppose to have been pitted. Well, there was a partial pit left in one of the olives and I bit straight into it. I split my porcelain veneer straight in half and then it fell out. Now I look like I got clocked in the face...oh well, makes a good story anyway. I'll hopefully be able to get it replaced in the next week or two.

This post is getting long enough and I am still only on the Monday. Here was today's training.

Swim of 1:21 and 5200 yds. Mainset target was to swim at 1:15 pace or slightly under. The set was 4x400 on 5:30(spot on 5:00), 4x200 on 2:45(again at 2:30), 4x100 on 1:20(1:14-15) and then 4x50 on 40...35-36. Followed the set with 1000 straight pull with pads steady. Good day. Finally connected with Natasha Filliol who is a new teamate of mine on Timex, from Canada. Very nice lady, check out

Had the doc. appt, then 75min run in the pool with Lisa B. and Kinberly Grogan. Kim and her husband Kevin(aka - Zilla) are also on the team and live here in Clermont. They run the Gear for Multisport store at the training center( Very 'good' people.

Evening run of 35 min out at the clay trail. Ankle felt ok...hopefully it wasn't numbed from the Alieve I took earlier in the day. I have a moderate day tomorrow and big day on Wed. If the ankle con't to get better, I will race this weekend in Tampa.


Sunday Mar 11

Today I watched the Escape From Florida Triathlon that I was going to race in before my ankle acted up. Quite a studly field turned up. Would have been fun, but it was also good to cheer everyone else on throughout the morning.

Today I rode 4:16 and 133km all steady and through rolling terrain. Really hungry throughout the ride....I am thinking it had to do with watching the race and then riding from the race site.

Evening run out at the clay trail. Had to try running today, really felt it would be ok and it was. No real pain at all, just a little tightness here and there. Hopefully I will con't to see improvement over the next weeks.


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