Feb 16

Friday Feb 16

Swim 1:35 5600 yds

Good swim this morning, with Marc joining me for the first 3k. We showed up to the pool at 630 and it was 45* and sprinkling...what state am I training in again? The water always feels warmer when the air is cold, but this morning the water was a little colder than normal, what a nice suprise.

400 easy warm-up, then mainset of:

800 swim on 11:00( 10:17)
800 pads only on 11:00 (10:09)
8x100 swim on 1:20 (1:13 :14 :15 :14 :14 :13 :15 :13)

45sec rest

400 swim on 5:30 (5:04)
400 pads only on 5:30 (5:04)
4x100 swim on 1:20 (1:15 :13 :14 :14)

45sec rest

200 swim on 2:45 (2:32)
200 pads only on 2:45 (2:31)
2x100 on 1:20 (1:15 :14)

45sec rest

100 swim on 1:25 (1:13)
100 pads only on 1:25 (1:11)
100 swim (1:10)

Then 100k easy to regroup.

10x25/25 on 1:00 First 25 was best effort blast right into 25 recovery. Good end.

Easy cd

After breakfast with Marc, his wife Amy and their 4mo old baby Tristan at Perkins, I headed out for an easy run. Kept things easy 49:27 10km on the path along the lake.

Tried to nap with no luck, ate a second lunch(as I thought I would need it in the stiff wind that was close to 30mph) and headed out to ride. I was going to ride 2:30-3:00, but cut it short. I was tiiiiiired. Ended up with 1:50 ride time and 47km....this was in the flats....I was going nowhere in the wind.

Evening stength session of 30min with good core work. Early bed time tonight. Another very easy day planned for tomorrow before my race on Sunday. Should be a good fitness test.


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