Keeping it all in perspective...

I was having a conversation with my mom the other day (one of many, as we are pretty close) and we started talking about various things going on in our lives. After a few tangents in our conversation, I said something like, "Ok, now on to a brighter subject..." (If you know me, then you know that I sometimes avoid conflict, something I am working on.) We both laughed and agreed that our lives are Pretty_Damn_Good compared to most in our world.

Then, we somehow found ourselves talking about how easy it is for people in general to complain about life, people love to tell you how terrible things are for them. More specifically, about things that are out of our own control. Topics that I have heard more than once, include; the weather(heat/humidity), events that have taken place in the past, not having a lane at the pool, traffic jams, competition at races, flights being cancelled, missing an opportunity, etc., you get the point...

Sometimes, I find myself complaining to others about certain things in my life and then I take a step back(sometimes not right away) and gain a little perspective. I could be in an abusive or poverished situation, which I saw while student teaching last fall. I have good food, clothing, opportunity, I don't have cancer and I have family and friends that love me. Things could be A LOT worse, I could have had my house destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, or as my stepdad always says, "You could be away at war."

Now I am not saying that we need to dwell on the negatives in the world and give less importance to things that are troubling in our own lives. But thinking this way from time to time is very humbling. Incorporating doing things for society and the greater good inour lives can be very rewarding and fufilling. This is something that I am also trying to work into my life.

To wrap it up, for me, I think the best way to deal with things that are out of our control or aren't "real" problems is to acknowledge whatever is bothering you, talk about it with someone if you need to and then move on.

I don't know all and maybe I am just rambling, but for me it helps to be reminded of the things that really matter in life.

Enough serious blogging for today, the next post will be a bit less deep! I am racing St. Anthony's next weekend and should get to see a few friends that I haven't seen in a while.

Later Gaters,



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