Sunday, May 22, 2011

5 weeks out and good to go...

This week was the first opportunity I have gotten to give myself and honest assessment of where my fitness is at as I approached 5 weeks out from CDA. Last week I gave myself 4 days recovery, followed by a key weekend.  This week was a good balance of quality and quantity. A brief summery for ya'll...

Monday -
Swim 4.5km that included 5 400's at 1:06/07 pace on 4:45 and a bunch of 100's
Bike - Double session with flat intervals in the morning and evening build run. 100km total

Tuesday -
Run - 20km on the trails in the arb, all easy
Swim - 4km with 100's dropping 1 sec each interval on 1:45. Started on 1:10, missed 1:01. Then the same thing with 50's on 1min. Started at 38 and missed 26sec.

Wednesday -
Bike - Double ride day with BRO hill reps broken with lunges, evening aerobic ride. 100km
Run - Easy 30min yog

Thursday -
Run - Morning 16km ending with 4x4min hill repeats at max controlled effort.
Aquathon - swam 11:08 for 1000m and ran low 17 for the hilly 5k...good effort today. about 25km total running for the day.

Friday - 
Swim - 4.5km same session as monday. held 1:07's today.
Bike - 1:45 easy Paoli +

Saturday - 
Bike - 190km descending ride with 8000ft of climbing. NP was 255 and AP was 230 for the ride. (5:45)
Run - 8ish km off the bike, started sluggish, ended great.

Sunday - 
Run - 35km in 2:22...took 2 miles to warm-up, then rolled 20 miles at 6:25-3:35. First warm problems today...LOTS of calories (800ish) on the run.
Swim -  Easy recovery.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Forced Recovery

In the past two seasons, I have done quite a few things right with my training. But there was one aspect that I wanted to improve; I felt like I had done a bit too much during my recovery blocks.  This season I have changed that and it has made a world of difference.  Most of my recovery blocks last for 5 days and follow about 14 days of training.

This last block was the best recovery block to date.  I headed down to Destin, FL to spend the week with the Piper's.  Carly and I swam every day in the ocean, which was a GREAT change in scenery.  I swam M,W,R,F that consisted of 2 easy swims, 1 long swim and 1 moderate swim. I rode easy on M and Sa for 90minutes and then rode 4hrs with 3x30km at 300w on Su.  I ran M,W,R,F,Su this week with M and R being easy, W being a 15km build run, F being a longer 90min run and Su a brick run of 8miles at 6:30/mi. Total hours for the week ended up being 14:45.

I am now back in WI, leaves are on the trees and it feels like the season is here.  I have quite a few shorter, faster sessions during the weeks and long training on the weekends.  This is a structure that I am finding quite effective when leading into an Ironman.

I will keep you updated with weekly training summaries as we go, as well as some very exciting news that is coming down the pipe.


Sunday, May 08, 2011

Block Done!

After a recovery day on friday with swim and easy spin, I headed to the Monona 20k run race.  I decided to end my long run with the race, which actually worked well.  I felt good from the get go.  After a bit over 8miles to start at an average 6:30 per mile, I ran the 20km race at an average pace of 6:20.  All felt great, HR steady at 155 (which is just under IM HR for me).  Easy cd after to 21 miles.

To finish off the block I did a VERY steady hilly ride.  It's always a good sign when you end your training block better than you started ;)  5hrs in the saddle today, 7000 ft of climbing and NP of 265w.  Felt great throughout.

Now I am off to FL for 4 days of R&R!! Can't wait! Check in with you all when I am back and rolling again.


Thursday, May 05, 2011

Just Get Out The Door...

Tonight I could barely get off the couch to get my run done, but was pleasantly surprised with a PR 7mi build tonight...not bad for the end of a 3 week training block. Run Splits were along a rolling route with some short steep climbs and a bit of wind on the return.  A minute or two with functional work, then 629 615, 601, 551, 535, 521, 2:30 last half mile, then cd.

This workout again proves that those that can motivate and get it done, on the right days, will reap the benefits.  Had this been a designated recovery or aerobic builder day, I would have likely skipped it and opted for recovery.

End in sight...

Training has gone well this is the update.

Monday -

Swim 4600 SCY consisting of 200's, 300's and 400's on 1:15 base.  Held 1:06/7's for these...BIG improvement. Rest of the day off for recovery.

Tuesday -

Morning was 75minutes steady at IM pace for 45minutes.

Midday was a swim of 4k LCM with a mainset of 3x800 on 11:30.  Another breakthrough swim.  Times were 10:20, 10:08, 10:16...

Wednesday -

Bike - 2hrs of team riding.

Bike - 5hr 10min tough ride today with 4x10minutes at FTP uphill in all 3 positions.  After this set, 60minutes at 275-285 continuous.

Run - 10k off the bike at IM pace...pace was easy, first mile was 558, whoops...backed off an avg'd 6:15-20ish for these rolling miles...felt good.

Thursday -

Tired surprise...I need to try to eat more on the big days to make the next day successful.

Run - 50minutes with 4x2minutes uphill HARD. steady back to car.

Swim - Wanted key session, but too tired. 2.5 LCM yards for recovery. Body felt good, just no energy.

Run - waiting on afternoon build run as I write this...may skip this session if I don't feel better in an hour or so...big weekend ahead. Recovery starts tuesday next week and runs through saturday.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Funday

Not really...just glad to get it done.  2:15 run today with 1:45 at IM pace/effort.  Extremely windy out, but the sun helped.  Got in a nice ice bath thanks to Lake Wingra.

After a nap and some Sunday sports, I am off for a nice easy spin to loosen up these sore legs...