5 weeks out and good to go...

This week was the first opportunity I have gotten to give myself and honest assessment of where my fitness is at as I approached 5 weeks out from CDA. Last week I gave myself 4 days recovery, followed by a key weekend.  This week was a good balance of quality and quantity. A brief summery for ya'll...

Monday -
Swim 4.5km that included 5 400's at 1:06/07 pace on 4:45 and a bunch of 100's
Bike - Double session with flat intervals in the morning and evening build run. 100km total

Tuesday -
Run - 20km on the trails in the arb, all easy
Swim - 4km with 100's dropping 1 sec each interval on 1:45. Started on 1:10, missed 1:01. Then the same thing with 50's on 1min. Started at 38 and missed 26sec.

Wednesday -
Bike - Double ride day with BRO hill reps broken with lunges, evening aerobic ride. 100km
Run - Easy 30min yog

Thursday -
Run - Morning 16km ending with 4x4min hill repeats at max controlled effort.
Aquathon - swam 11:08 for 1000m and ran low 17 for the hilly 5k...good effort today. about 25km total running for the day.

Friday - 
Swim - 4.5km same session as monday. held 1:07's today.
Bike - 1:45 easy Paoli +

Saturday - 
Bike - 190km descending ride with 8000ft of climbing. NP was 255 and AP was 230 for the ride. (5:45)
Run - 8ish km off the bike, started sluggish, ended great.

Sunday - 
Run - 35km in 2:22...took 2 miles to warm-up, then rolled 20 miles at 6:25-3:35. First warm fun...no problems today...LOTS of calories (800ish) on the run.
Swim -  Easy recovery.


rhino said…
Look forward to seeing you on the start line!

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