End in sight...

Training has gone well this week...here is the update.

Monday -

Swim 4600 SCY consisting of 200's, 300's and 400's on 1:15 base.  Held 1:06/7's for these...BIG improvement. Rest of the day off for recovery.

Tuesday -

Morning was 75minutes steady at IM pace for 45minutes.

Midday was a swim of 4k LCM with a mainset of 3x800 on 11:30.  Another breakthrough swim.  Times were 10:20, 10:08, 10:16...

Wednesday -

Bike - 2hrs of team riding.

Bike - 5hr 10min tough ride today with 4x10minutes at FTP uphill in all 3 positions.  After this set, 60minutes at 275-285 continuous.

Run - 10k off the bike at IM pace...pace was easy, first mile was 558, whoops...backed off an avg'd 6:15-20ish for these rolling miles...felt good.

Thursday -

Tired today...no surprise...I need to try to eat more on the big days to make the next day successful.

Run - 50minutes with 4x2minutes uphill HARD. steady back to car.

Swim - Wanted key session, but too tired. 2.5 LCM yards for recovery. Body felt good, just no energy.

Run - waiting on afternoon build run as I write this...may skip this session if I don't feel better in an hour or so...big weekend ahead. Recovery starts tuesday next week and runs through saturday.


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