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Cali Update

Raced in Cali today at the Ford Ironman California 70.3 today and had a solid day. I finished 17th overall and gained a lot of confidence heading into IMAZ.

Here is a quick summary.

Swim: Missed the first group and lead the second off course at the turn....sorry guys. This ended up being ok, b/c I got back to them and was able to sit in, instead of lead.

Bike: All solo, Normal Power was 308 watts for the ride. This is a 28watt personal best for me. The course was VERY tough. Hills and a lot of wind. I refused to sit in and pushed almost the entire ride.

Run: Suffered a bit b/c of riding hard. I was aiming to run 1:17 and ended up with a 1:20. I feel like I gained 3min on the ride, pushing the pace, so I was ok with it.

I now feel like I am strong enough to ride with almost anyone at IMAZ...The only guy to pass me on the bike was Steve Larsen. We all know that his might be the strongest cyclist in triathlon, so I feel ok with it :)

I think with warmer water and a better warm-up, that front g…

Quick Update

Cali 70.3 is only about 2 days away and the body is starting to feel better. I am keeping a little bit of intensity in the 15hrs of training I have this week, so I don't fall victim to 'flatness' on race day.

Now is the time when you can think of a million different woulda, coulda, shoulda's....but it doesn't matter b/c there is nothing you can do about it. All you can do it focus on executing as close to 100% as possible on race day.

Although IMAZ is the big focus this spring, I hope to still do well on Saturday. There are some big names coming out to play.

If you would like to follow the race online. There will be live coverage at The race starts at 6:40am Pacific Standard Time.

I will post a report after the race!


Work is Done!!

All I can do is rest now. My achilles is a bit sore after my last week, so I am looking forward to the down time. I don't want to go into too much detail with my numbers, b/c that is all they numbers and there are no awards for that. All about executing on race day.

The last 11 weeks have yielded 317 hours of training. 281,609 yards in the pool, 3,247 miles on the bike and 526 miles of running. I have raised my LT on the bike about 10-15 watts and made good progress in the pool and on the run. I am looking forward to resting and seeing what my fitness will bring on race day.

I will be racing Ironman California 70.3 this Saturday, you can follow the race (starting at 8:40 am central time) over at I will then rest for 2 more weeks and race Ironman Arizona on April 13th, you can also follow the race (starting at 8:45 am central time) at

I want to take a second to thank everyone that has helped me during this build. First, my coach Kurt Per…

Florida's Great Escape Race Report

Florida's Great Escape March 9, 2008 6th Overall 1:13:38 Swim: 13:20 Bike: 41:07 Run: 16:51 This last weekend I spent my last weekend in Clermont out at Lake Louisa State Park for the annual Florida's Great Escape triathlon. There is always a strong field that shows, and this year was no exception. Some of the Canadian National Team was is attendance, in addition to a few other elites from around the country. On race morning, we were greeted by temps in the low 40's and a stiff north wind. NOT the typical early March weather. I have logged 30hrs of training in the 7 days prior to the race, but felt that I could make a good run, if things went well. After a long warm-up, I got the start line for a the dreaded beach start. Lots of running and dolphining into the white-cap waves. I had the new Blue Seventy TST Wetsuit, which was a huge help. The flexibility in the newly designed shoulders is great. Unfortunately, me dolphining skills are not great and lost contact in the …

Training Update

Things are rolling again for my final week in Clermont. Here is a quick summary and the schedule for the rest of the week:

Yesterday: Tough 4k LCM swim, 100mi interval ride with normalized power of 252w, short run

Today: 4k LCM swim with mainset of 20x100 descend 1-10, then 11-20 hard. All on 1:40. Held 1:17-1:18 for all of the hard. 10k easy run and 2hr easy ride

Tomorrow: Another big day, 6-7hrs

Wednesday: Long Run 34k, short swim

Thursday: 4hr aerobic day

Friday: 5hr aerobic day

Saturday: Easy

Sunday: Race

Monday: Swim and travel to Arizona


That is all I know for now. More to come soon!