Work is Done!!

All I can do is rest now. My achilles is a bit sore after my last week, so I am looking forward to the down time. I don't want to go into too much detail with my numbers, b/c that is all they numbers and there are no awards for that. All about executing on race day.

The last 11 weeks have yielded 317 hours of training. 281,609 yards in the pool, 3,247 miles on the bike and 526 miles of running. I have raised my LT on the bike about 10-15 watts and made good progress in the pool and on the run. I am looking forward to resting and seeing what my fitness will bring on race day.

I will be racing Ironman California 70.3 this Saturday, you can follow the race (starting at 8:40 am central time) over at I will then rest for 2 more weeks and race Ironman Arizona on April 13th, you can also follow the race (starting at 8:45 am central time) at

I want to take a second to thank everyone that has helped me during this build. First, my coach Kurt Perham at My two homestay's, The Partain's in FL and Russ and Julie out in AZ. My training would not have gone so smoothly without a nice place to live. Also, my family, friends and great sponsors for your support.

I will check in again in the next week or so, as I will have quite a bit of time on my hands. Time to get ahead on the coaching and maybe start some reading????? ....ok maybe movies.

I hope all else is well with everyone. Train safe!



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