2018 Here We Come!

As I reflect on 2017, it's been a very rewarding season. My results were OK, but the real satisfaction came from finding a lot of enjoyment in the process to prepare for events. In my opinion this is probably the most important thing to have when you are seeking a great result. Chasing can be frustrating and a recipe for failure. Letting the results happen is a recipe for success and now that I have that back I should probably race at least another season (19th season)!!

My Favorite Race & Picture From 2017 (Puerto Rico 70.3)

After the decision to race was made, my coach and I came up with a good plan and got to work with steps 1 and 2 of the process.

Step 1 was to rest. What?!?! Yes, REST! The last 2 months have been just that. It's been an excellent balance between just the right amount of training to bring me to a solid level of fitness when the calendar turns and down time; focusing on a few other things such as coaching education, time in the woods, my love of IPA and time with my cats and loved ones.

Step 2 was to pick races and create a plan of attack. After going back and forth a few times on possible races to start off 2018, I have decided that I will race Ironman 70.3 Texas as a primer race for the first big Ironman of the year at Ironman Texas. Both of these events will take place in April and will be very competitive events. While I have raced many half & full distance events, this will be my first big rodeo in Texas! I am going to stay in midwest for the most part with 2 trips south, which will be in February and March. 

Step 3 is coming up and that is to execute on the training and do the best I can to be my best athlete. This applies to both the training side of things and the recovery side of things. Easier said than done, but going faster doesn't just happen on its own.

While the second half of the season won't take shape until Texas is in the books, I am looking forward to plenty of midwest and destination races in the coming season.

I have a great team of support who I owe a lot to. Thank you to my family, my coach Cliff English, my great Team at BBMC, Endurance House, Trek Bicycles, Blue Seventy, Pro PT, Peak Performance Massage, Saris, CycleOps & Powertap, as well as Zealios. 


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