Preparing Locally

It's not always just big training that creates big fitness gains. It's also coaching from someone who you trust and mesh well with, it's having the support of sponsors who believe in you as much as you do their products and in the case of my build for Racine 70.3, fantastic local events to work on game day skills.

This season between Chattanooga 70.3 and Racine 70.3 I put in some very big training, but I also raced just about everything I could at the local level. To me, these events are no brainers even for athletes racing at the highest level in our sport.

They offer inexpensive opportunities to improve my game, have some fun and interact with other athletes and break up the daily grind of big training. No, not every event goes well, in fact some of them go terrible, but that's not the goal for these races and it's impossible to be at your best all of the time. A huge shout out to Race Day Events, Elkhart Lake Triathlon and Big Swell Swim for having these events available to race.

On the coaching side of things, thank you to Cliff English who does a fantastic job at working events like these into my schedule in a way that doesn't compromise our bigger picture or goals. We are on the same page when comes to the what, why, when, where and how of the season!

Sponsorship is always up and down for athletes in sport, but I am lucky to have some great partners who provide me with products that I feel help me stay on my game. I will make a separate post to Facebook before Sunday on the new additions to my ride and what I'll be using at Racine 70.3

That's all for this post, but the main purpose was to encourage you to sometimes (not always) use the local events to sharpen or develop your triathlon skills. You'll be glad you did when you find yourself on the start line of your next A race.


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