Chattanooga & Upcoming Races

Chattanooga 70.3 Pre-race Picture!

If I scripted results from Chattanooga, I don't think that I could have done a better job. Everyone finished, everyone had a great experience, many people set new PR's and there were 6 athletes who found themselves on the podium with 3 of those at the top, WOW!! 

The Podium!

Here are some more action shots:

When I started this craziness, I never thought that we'd be bringing over 30 athletes to a race or that the environment would become so this I mean creating an ecosystem with training, support, community and resources to allow all athletes (lifestyle, social and competitive) to maximize their time available to train and accomplish their goals. It's very easy to lose motivation and to fall of track and this team (the athletes) are the glue that keep so many from losing their direction. THANK YOU!


My own race was less than stellar, but I'll take it given I was coming down with a virus and also coming back from an injury. The silver lining was getting to compete with everyone in a great city and as I've always liked to say, living the dream through opportunities that most don't have.


Next Up:

BBMC has races just about every weekend from here on out through the summer, but next up is Lake Mills, Legend 1/2, Hawaii 70.3, Elkhart Lake and Milkman.

The next race up for me is a new regional half ironman distance race here in Madison called The Milkman. It has definitely been a slow spring for me personally, but this race will give me another opportunity to get that first good result of 2016! If you are in Madison, come check out the race, there will be 1500 athletes competing at Olin Turville Park on Sunday, June 19th. 

Less than 3 weeks to go...


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