An Update...Challenge Roth!!!

Time is flying this season, maybe more than any other year. I think that probably should be expected when a person trains full time (24-25hrs) and runs a full-time business at the same time. I love every minute of it, but most days I do wish that I could either slow down time, or create that 30hr day.

So let me update you on the racing side of life...



I ended up racing a little less than I planned. This wasn't because of fitness or desire, but it was more because it made sense based on my goals ... and sometimes just wanting to sleep in on a Sunday :)

That being said I did get out for 2 tune-up races this spring:

First up was Chattanooga 70.3 in May (my last post). I finished in a solid 8th place on a challenging course in 4:04. While I did NOT run well at all, it was mostly due to getting a little carried away on the bike. My new shorter 167.5 cranks were great and I just couldn't help myself.

Next up I raced Elkhart Lake, which is a competitive local event that usually has a few other pro's showing up. I entered the race pretty rooted from training and it showed in the first 20minutes... however once onto the bike I warmed into things. I managed a PR power output over the 45km distance at just under 340w. Though it didn't get me up to the front of the race, it did snag me my bike course record back. The run was average at best and though I didn't win, I did leave feeling confident that I was in a good spot 4 weeks out from Roth.


Now I have just under 2 weeks until I leave for Germany. I have traveled and raced in Asia, Australia/New Zealand and South/Central America, but never Europe and I am stoked! This has been a race that I have wanted to do since I got into the sport!

I have 2 goals for this race; improve upon my PR and finish up in the money. This race is one of the most competitive on the planet outside of the World Champs, so a solid PR is likely what it will take to earn a check. If fall short, the one thing I know well after 15 years and over 30 Ironman races of experience, it's that there is always another race!

Thanks to my great support team who has me ready to go: Trek Bike Stores of Madison, Xterra Wetsuits, Catalyst Disk Covers, PowerBar, Peak Performance Massage, as well as Sport & Spine Physical Therapy. I wouldn't have a chance at doing this well without you.

Thank you also to all of Team BBMC. It's fantastic when those who hire you as their coach, return the support at your biggest events!

I am not sure if I will check in again before race day, but if not you can follow all of the action starting at 11:30pm CST on Saturday, July 11th over at


After I get back from Germany, I'll be heading straight up to Door County Wisconsin to support 40 BBMC athletes toeing the line. From there it's back to Madison get ready for the 7th Annual Ironman Wisconsin Camp and then perhaps I'll start to look into a few more races later on in August.

As always, thanks for reading and supporting!


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