Catching Up, Ironman 70.3 Choo-Choo, 2015 Team BBMC & Pacing

It's been a while since I have posted, so it's time to come back and hopefully post a bit more going forward. So keep an eye out...

First, let me catch you up to speed on all that's been going on.


The plan this year was to start early and race Ironman 70.3 San Juan. The training went great and I got very fit, especially on the bike. I can attribute that to 10-12/week on the trainer from December through February. These were hours that included 2-3 key sessions per week.

While I was preparing for SJ703, I was also looking to buy a house. As some of you home owners know, this can be a very time consuming task...especially in this anemic market. 3 weeks before San Juan, I found a great place and with all that was going on, I decided to pass on racing. I just didn't have the focus required.

Well, things didn't work out with the house and I was back to square one...and without a race. The next two months went about the same way, 3 more offers, I even had 1 accepted, but all 3 fell through. That brings my lifetime average to 0 for 5 right now. At least I have a lot of experience....

After this frustrating stretch I decided to ease off the search and focus on the season ahead. I needed a race to see where things are at, so I decided that Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga this coming weekend will be just that.


I don't really have any expectations, other than to race hard and be competitive. Dec-Feb were bike focused, Mar and April were run focused and the swim has been about where it has been in the last year. So I am looking forward to having things come together for a solid day at what is looking to be a very hot and humid race on a tough course with a competitive field of athletes! You can follow along this coming Sunday over on


With all that has been going on above, BBMC has been absolutely rocking and has turned into a full-time job and then some! We have grown in the off season and I happy to say that I am completely content where things are at. I am proud of what we have become and take pride in coaching each and every athlete, whether they live across the street or across the pond.

In addition to coaching, we have also added a 3rd Camp this year. You can check out all of the camps over at First up is our early season camp on May 30-31. If you are interested, we have 2 slots left to fill. I will personally gift a $20 Gift Card to the Trek Stores of Madison for the last 2 who register! Email me for more details.


Lastly, as we get into the season I think that one of the most important things that athletes can do to get the most out of themselves on race day is pace correctly. While it sounds simple, it's harder than it looks to let someone go early while having faith you can bring them back in the end. Short term sacrifice for long term reward if you will.

The result below is from the Monona 20k run race, which Race Day Events LLC puts on every year. It's a tough 20k route and also happens to be one of my favorite races in the area.

This year I decided that this year I was going to run a nice tempo, which would give me a nice fitness boost without needing a whole lot of recovery that a hard effort would need.

In the end, I almost ended up running my up into 2nd place, something you wouldn't have expected if you were watching the race at the 5km mark.

This is the type of pacing that gives you confidence the next time you decide to let an athlete who starts out too fast, go ahead in the early stages of a race.

That's all for this blog... as always, please excuse the typo's and thanks for reading!

More to come soon...


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