WOTD (Word Of The Day) - "Sustainability"

WOTD (Word Of The Day) - Sustainability. 

Whether it's work, sport or life, sustainability of what you are doing is a major key to success. As a goal driven individual, you will tend to convince yourself that one of two things is true:

- You are an exception to the above.

- You can handle more than you think.

To take a look at whether or not what you are doing is sustainable. Consider the following:

Pay attention to your daily energy levels over a longer period of time. Are you able to be effective? Are you stressed? Do you cut out taking care of yourself for the sake of others or your goals? If you are, what you are doing is not sustainable.

Take a look at your life now and then think about all the things you want over the near-mid-long term. Could you achieve/have those with what you are doing now? If the answers are no or I don't know and you want to continue what you are doing, you may want to take a closer look at if what you are doing is sustainable.

Are you balanced? While some call BS here if you want to be the best at something, balance is different for everyone... if you are missing something in YOUR equation, what you are doing may not be sustainable.

Sustainability is a huge key to enjoyment and success in anything. Get it right and you are unstoppable. Get it wrong and you may find a decline in your satisfaction and enthusiasm as the months and years go by.

Yes, you need to work hard, but only at the right times and you don't need to kill yourself. If you know how to listen, the body and mind will tell you what it needs.


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