Kicking Off 2014!

It's time to dust off the triathlon racing equipment for the first time this season as I head down to Revolution3 Triathlon Knoxville to take part in their last Professional race.

The distance is much shorter than I typically race, but I wanted to mix things up early in the year so I have all cylinders firing in September.

Racing, even when not at your peak fitness is an important step as you work toward your big races. These type of races allow for a fitness check, they are a chance to dial in nutrition and pacing, they are an opportunity to hopefully make some money as a Professional and of course have a little fun. Also, as my coach Cliff English has said, "you can't train forever."

Thanks to Cliff, to the Trek Store of Madison for setting me up on the best bike for the year. Peak Performance Massage for helping me recover faster. Xterra Wetsuits for helping me swim fast and PowerBar fueling me through thousands of miles of training.


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