How To Train Through Races...

When I planned out my season, it was simple, no Ironman early in the year with the hopes of having a better peak in September. The last few year's I have been a bit overdone in September, which has landed some good results at Ironman Wisconsin, but not the one I am looking for or capable of.

So with that in mind, I let the weather dictate my training load. Jan and Feb were a bit low on volume compared to last year, but Mar, Apr and May have made up for it. Each week I have done what the body has allowed and I've built some nice fitness.

To keep things fresh I also decided that I wanted to race as many of the local events as I could. I did this back in 2009 and had a blast.


This is also called "training through races." If you take this type of approach, you want to keep a few things in mind:

- You can't expect to be your best self every time out. But that's not the point. The point is to work on specific skills that will help you when you get to your bigger races.

- You do need to be careful so that you don't become injured. Racing is still hard on the body and you need to make sure that you listen to your body coming out of each race.

- The day before is OK to train per usual, just make sure that the system you are training is not the one you are using on race day. Example would be to do a strength focused swim if you have an Aquathon the next day with threshold or higher, effort.

- Stick to your plan! If it's your plan to run controlled, then run controlled. Remember that everyone else there has different goals, so pay no attention to anyone else except yourself.

- Lastly, have fun. If you don't enjoy racing, then why do it? So get out there and race because you can and feel fortunate to have the means to do it.


With 3 running races and an aquathon (also known as an equation to spell checker) under the belt, I'll train through a local sprint for some more open water experience and then head to my first "priority" race of the year at Kansas 70.3. This was suppose to take place in Knoxville last weekend, but unfortunately I was not able to race.

From there I move to a short break and then into Ironman focused work. I can't believe I am saying that already.

Thank you to Race Day Events for some fantastic events in the Madison area, thanks to all of you who support my racing including Trek Stores Of MadisonPowerBar and Xterra Wetsuits, thanks to all my athletes for their returned support and thanks to those of you who have served and who continue to serve our Country.

2014 is here!


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