2014 Camp #1 Recap & What's Next

Tomorrow I head back to the frozen tundra after my first training camp of 2014. I got in about 30hrs of training over 8 days with plenty of quality. Though it was about 40-50% more than my usual winter volume, I have to say that I think I did this one right, not too much where I'll need a lot of extended recovery, but enough to get what I needed out of this camp.

Now for a recap of the week.

- Day 1 -

The week started cold, but sunny. Yes midwesterner's, I know...but it's all relative. I was happy.

 - Day 2 -

It really got nasty... where was I again? Why hadn't I taken off my arm or knee warmer's? A tan?! Forget about it!

- Day 3 -

All this training stuff was making me hungry, so as part of my rent payment I made Erin and I chicken for dinner.

- Day 4 -

Arizona started to look like Arizona again. I caught this sunset on my way to dinner.

- Day 5 & Day 6 -

Started to get into a groove and also was finally able to take off the arm and knee warmers. One of my chores was to pick oranges off the tree in the backyard. Rough life...

- Day 7 -

What a great ride out to Sonoita to end the week. I highly recommend this route if you get the chance. Consider going during the week so you have to deal with less traffic.

One last food pic of the post ride, za!

While I still have a long ways to go until I am race ready, I am now motivated, have a solid level of base fitness and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Those in WI know what I mean when I say it's been a ROUGH winter (this might be the second coldest winter on record in Madison).

Next up for me will be the rest of this training block back in Madison, give a seminar next weekend and then a week back down here coaching for Endurance Corner at their annual February Tucson Camp. After camp I will assess where things are at. If fitness is in a good place I may start racing at Ironman 70.3 California, otherwise I will wait a bit longer; we're not going to force fitness this year.

More to come soon...


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