2013 CEC Pro Camp Day 6

Long run day in the bank.  JD and I usually run pretty well together. Similar thoughts on pacing, similar ability and it makes for good company.  Total run was just under 25km with a good main set of 3x5km on 4minutes recovery. We had a nice descend throughout from about 6:25 through the first mile to 5:50ish for the last few.  Not too challenging, not too easy, a great way to end the first week.

Here is a TP graph of the main set if you are interested.

The afternoon consists of some easy cycling and swimming, before group dinner.  Then we start things all over again in week 2.

I have noticed that this year I am quite a bit more relaxed, confident in my abilities and pretty centered all around. It could be that I am a year wiser, it could be all of the work I have put into the psychology side of things in the last year, or that I am just a bit more fit.  Whatever the reason, it's very clear to me that I love this sport and am thoroughly enjoying the process and meeting great people. Needless to say I am looking forward to the season ahead.


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