2013 CEC Pro Camp Day 5

Today was a bigger volume day for all of us.  I was unsure how the legs would feel after a pretty solid week of training, they had been quite sore on Friday.

Soon enough we were off and it was nice not having to wear 4 layers of clothing to warm-up. The temps were in the 50's and the forecast was for 75* as a high.

The plan for the day was to ride out and climb Madera Canyon.  On windy days like today, it's a challenging ride, so pacing and fueling is very important.

For the first 30miles we rolled a double pace line at a fairly steady pace.; 50w under IM was the goal.  Once we reached 30 miles at the end of Mission Road, we rode through Green Valley and got ready to climb.  It was 13 miles up to the end of the road at about 5500'.  This isn't nearly the top of the mountain (that's about 9500), but it's a honest ascent with a VERY VERY steep last 1-2miles.

To my surprise, the legs felt pretty good and I was able to build nicely throughout the climb.  I am always unsure what power numbers indoors translate into outdoors, so days like these are good.  I knew that I had regularly ridden indoor intervals at HR's of 183-187, so building up to 180-181 on this climb left me feeling pretty good.  CP-30minutes for the climb was 334 watts and CP-20minutes was 340 watts.

Here is the ride file:

After the descent from the climb it was a mix of easy/steady/moderate riding home. Total ride was right at 100mi (need to calibrate my SRM wheel circumference) and just over 5hrs.

Post ride I hit up Wendy's for a Chocolate Frosty and then a massive sandwich. A late afternoon nap was a perfect way to recover. Then an easy 40minute evening run before dinner....which was an awesome pork roast made by my roommate Casey. She used a pressure cooker and had it done in 45minutes (normally takes 4hrs)...Of course, now I am going to have to get one.

Camp is rolling along nicely and I am happy with my fitness at this point of the year. Next up is long run day tomorrow.


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