2013 CEC Pro Camp Day 4

Today was a welcome day of R&R on the training front.  The afternoon has been great, spent at a U of A coffee shop. With the sun and temps of about 65*, I have no problem working on training plans for 4hrs.

This morning we did have a good swim, followed by a better breakfast. So here are the details...hopefully there aren't too many pic's of my amazing dives, floating around out there.

800 choice

6x25 sprint on :20
200 easy
10x25 from a dive on :45
300 easy

400 on 5:10
300 on 3:50
200 on 2:35
100 on 1:15
50 on :20

Easy longer cool down to 5.5km

Have a great weekend, everyone! Big day coming tomorrow.


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