Facing The Fear... Part 2 to NOLA Race Report

I am sure a few of you are wondering what I am going to and how I am going to combat this, I am not alone in this.  If I remember back to 2009, my breakthrough year in long distance racing, I raced my a$$ off. I raced so often that racing became like training for me.  Aquathons, local races, bigger races and time trials. I raced everything I could. Though things started a little slow, it was by far my most consistent year of racing (when I was the most fit).

After a brief exchange with Cliff to get the OK and a few email convo's with people who have experience, it's time to treat this fear like any other one that I would face in life. I have two choices.  I can run from it, try to avoid and cope with it and retire from this sport with unfinished business, or I can face these fears head on and smash the hell out of them...over and over and over again, until they are either numb or gone.

So that's the plan, I won't release a race schedule outside of the larger races, but you can plan on me being out there much more often.  Physically I am ready to make my mark, not it's time to line everything else up and move forward with no excuses.


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