New Site & Back To Winter

If you haven't checked out our new BBMC website, make sure you take a look (  The site is now geared toward athletes and will not only give information on services, but also act as a resource for athletes to be educated.  Feel free to post feedback here on what you feel would be beneficial to add onto the site.


Since arriving back to Madison, mother nature decided to give us all one last taste of winter.  The roads were clear and clean when I returned, but now, not so much.  This was what the greenway looked like from my porch doors; not exactly ideal for training outdoors on anything other than skis.

Training was geared toward recovery for the first 4 days back.  I completed about 54hrs of training over the 2 weeks I was in AZ and needed to absorb that work.  I ALWAYS feel terrible during recovery blocks and this one was no exception.  30min runs are daunting and I seem to forget how to pedal a bike.  

From experience I know that I come out of this after about 5 days and sure enough, Friday I was back on top in the pool.  Not swimming my fastest, but I was consistent throughout the session.  In addition to swimming, cycling and running, I am also addressing a few muscle imbalances that I have neglected for a long time.  None of them are causing issues, but I am looking to get that extra 1% out of my body this year and need to make sure I am firing on all cylinders.

So now I have about 7 days of solid training to go before our first race block of the year.  I am fit, not in tip-top form, but fit enough to race well and I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks. I will race in both Puerto Rico and Texas, they are branded 70.3 events with competitive fields; especially Texas, which is receiving buzz from Lance Armstrong coming and the fact that it will act as the US Pro Championship over the 70.3 distance.

That's all for now, enjoy your last taste of winter and I will check in before San Juan!



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