Groove Officially Found

Just a training update for you all.

Cliff and I have been working closely on identifying patterns in life (both inside and outside of training) that work well for me and patterns that don't.  As a result, we have made some changes to both the training plan and racing schedule that I am really pleased with.

- Anxiety = nothing good for me. I have always struggled with it, so it's time to face it. For me, eliminating big sources of this inside and outside of training help things go much more smoothly.  Think about an interstate in comparison to a city street with stoplights.

- I am no longer training for long periods of time on days when I have to coach in person.  This has eliminated a lot of stress for me.  A more relaxed approach to daily training makes a big difference for me.

- Longer training blocks before key races are going to be the rule this year. This will help me train well going into each event, which in turn will build confidence.

- Race schedule change.  I am now starting my season on April 22nd down at New Orleans 70.3, then backing it up with a bigger and the more important race of Wildflower on May 5th.  My first Ironman will now be Coeur d'Alene in late June.  The rest of the schedule should stay the same.

*If you feel that your schedule isn't working for you, or you are not racing well, it's worth taking a look at why this is happening.  After you identify the big reasons, make changes and I am guessing you will surprise yourself.

That's all for now!


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