Tucson Bound

I am currently awaiting at the "Big Top" out in Denver, this is my nickname for the Denver International Airport.  If you haven't flown through here, it looks like a giant bigtop circus tent.

I have chatted with a few friends at home and it sounds like I got out of town just before the snow started.  Although that was music to my ears, my eyes have seen the forecast for Tucson over the next week.  What was a promising month of January with temps in the 70's and 80's, has turned into a week or 50's and 60's with rain...of course it has.  While I won't be complaining, it will definitely kill my tan a bit and make those 15hrs of riding, slightly less enjoyable...just slightly.

Nothing more to report other than the highlight of my day being my delicious Quiznos sub that I had for lunch (The traditional on wheat with no ranch). After getting into Tucson, I'll have a few hours to get things sorted, head to the store, say hi to friends and then possibly get out for a spin before dinner; then an early bed to be ready for 8am swim.

More to come tomorrow after Day 1 in Tucson.



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