Day 3 - Bringing Up The Rear

Well so far during this camp I have been at the back more than at the front.  The ironic part is that up until camp I had trained at a level that would put me off the front, then hit a bit of a bad patch about a week and a half ago and I just haven't come out of it yet. I'm trying to keep a sense of humor about it though because i do know the legs will come around. They always have and always will.

This morning we rolled out at 8am and rode to the top of Madera.  It's about 100miles round trip and very fun ride.  We started with about 30min easy and then rode in a double pace line for about 90minutes (building by 30min increments).  This was tough at times with a false flat and headwind the entire way. We  stopped and fueled up and then headed to the climb.  It was a total of 13miles with the last two at well over 10% grade.  It is typically a tougher climb, but when you don't have legs...well, you're off the back.  That's exactly where i found myself at the 10mile mark.  I shut it down and just rode comfortably (as possible at 10-15% grade) to the top.  Then again on the descent I got dropped because of my lack of descending skills.  I think I am the only pro here who doesn't live near mountains.

Anyway, I got directions home and just decided to roll solo...only problem is that one turn was left out, so i got to find my own way home...thank you IPhone for GPS and directions! 5hrs and 30min later I rolled in at a bit over 100miles.

Not an ideal way to start the 4 or 5 long rides in the next two weeks, but if your body isn't doing it, you have to listen.

After a nap, food and a little convincing, I headed out for an easy recovery jog.  Now dinner with a good friend who I haven't seen in over a year.  Should be great...perhaps I will get something blog worthy!

Tomorrow is another day and perhaps my legs will show up...if not, well then we'll just have to try again Saturday. It's February after all and when coming from Wisconsin, i can't have too high of expectations to start....

That's all for Day 3!


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